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The Bodyguard

Age when it happend: 13
Where it happened: My Room
Langauge: English
Sex: Female
Rating: 7
Category: Straight

It happened on a Sunday. My parents weren’t home very often, and my borther was away on a trip. So I was left with my Bodyguard. He was really experienced, and we were quite close. He tought me a lot of stuff bout sex. And he was kinda hot XD. So we were sitting on the couch watching a film, and I said my back hurt like hell. So he said, OK, take off ur shirt, I’ll give u a good massage…At first I wasn’t really sure, but then i was like wtv. So I did as he said. I had a strapless bra on, and he started massaging me. I started 2 get kinds horny. The day before, we were also alone, and he taught me how to kiss. he was such a good kisser!!!!!!!!!I think he read my mind or someting, coz then I could feel his hands sliding down my back and he unzipped my bra. Then he said ‘turn around’ so i did, and he started to massage my boobs, it felt so fucking good! He then started flaying with my nipples, using his tongue. That was even better. He stood, uo, i thought he was leavin or sometin, but he took his shirt off, and I didn’t hesitate, I stood up 2 n took off hist trousers…and then his pants. His Dick was SO BIG!! it was like 18cm!!! I started to play with it. Then i knelt down and started blowing him. He started moaning. But he didn’t cum. Then he took my thongs off, and licked me out. I started groaning, and moaning. Then I lay on the couch, legs wide open Then he said ‘wait, i hav a condom’ and he put it on. Then he slid it into me…ficking hell at first…but then he totally gave me an orgazm by playing wid my cherry, and lickin it. it was so good. We do it sometimes now. He teaches me positions. 😛

The third time we wer doin it though, my parents came early…and yeah, they heard us groanin, cz we wer in my room, but my bodyguard heard them and we got dressed and he hid in my toilet XD they didn’t realise.

If u know some1 experienced, im telling u! DO IT!

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