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The Big One;)

Where it happened: hot tub
Langauge: English
Rating: 6
Category: Straight

Well, I had been going out with Kristin for about 5 months, and everyone at school knew it. Somehow, they all knew when we would go out on a date, and people would ask “Did you do it?” We finally got tired of it and decided that whenever someone asked, we would just smile. Actully, all the farther we got was Frenching and touching each other through our clothes.
Then on her birthday, she had a big party at her house. We could talk, drink, smoke, swim, ect. No one was home except for her. There were about 50+ people there. I guess that we got a little drunk, because we started touching under our clothes, something we had never done before. She grabbed my cock at the same time I started fingering her pussy. She suggested that we should go swimming. I told her that I had forgotten my swim suit at home. She said “And…” with a mischivious grin on her face. We went out to the pool, but it was packed, so we headed over to the hot tub, which is about as big. There were 6 other people in there: Amy, Emily, Kelli, Mitch, Cory, and Titus. Nobody was naked, but when they saw us get in, they all took off their suits and started messing around.
Kristin started kissing me, and I stuck my cock in her pussy. We started fucking, and stopped kissing but kept feeling each other. I leaned my head back on the deck and closed my eyes, enjoying the moment. Suddenly, there was something on my face. I opened my eyes to find Amy’s pussy over my mouth. Of course, who couldn’t resist; I started licking it, and she got really wet. I found out later that everyone else was having sex, and Cory had given Kristin anal sex at the same time that I was fucking her. I was in hevean. Kristin, Amy, and I all cummed at the same time. We still mess around together, but I am still steady with Kristin.

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