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The babysitter’s brother

Age when it happend: 13
Where it happened: On the floor in the front room
Langauge: English
Sex: Female
Rating: 6
Category: Straight

You wouldn¦t think a 13-year-old girl would need a baby sitter. I mean, hell, I was old enough to do baby sitting myself. But after two, shall we say unfortunate experiences with leaving me alone, my parents decided, next time they went out, I had to have someone there to watch me, little knowing that this was going to cost me my virginity.
What had happened the first time they went out and left me alone was that I invited my girl friend, Jeri, over and we got into Dad¦s wine cabinet and sipped and spilled some of his best vintages, and Dad is really a connisure of fine wine. When they got home Dad didn¦t do anything to me, he just said, very menacingly, ¦don¦t ever do that again.¦
The second time they went out they told me I couldn¦t have a visitor, and Dad said, ¦Lay one finger on that wine cabinet and I will have you for breakfast. I will fry your ass in butter and smother it with onions.¦
So what I did was, I got on the phone and amused myself by making calls all over the country. I even called London, for Buckingham Palace, and asked to speak to Princess Di. She and Charles were still together at that time.
Of course I didn¦t get the Princess, but I got one of her secretaries, who was very nice and told me Di was opening a flower show that day. She told me a lot about life in the palace, and what Di was like, and then she asked me about myself.
So I gave her a big line of bullshit about how I was an honor student and president of my class and captain of the soccer team and stuff like that, and she said,¦My, that is very impressive.¦ Then she said she would give my regards to the Princess and she was sure Di would wish me well.
Well, when Dad got our phone bill I thought he was going to shit. But he didn¦t do anything to me. He went over to the shelf where Mom keeps her cookbooks and started leafing through them and throwing them around, and then yelled, ¦All these god damn cook books and not one recipe for cooking a teenage girl.¦
But he got over it and pretty soon was telling everybody — friends, neighbors, people where he worked, his service club, everybody — about his crazy daughter who called London to speak to Princess Di. Before he got through with the story he had me actually talking to her.
So anyway, when they were going out to a symphony concert, with a big reception afterward, they called this 16-year-old girl, Natalie, to watch over me. They told her I was to have no visitors, not touch the telephone or the wine cabinet, and be in bed by 11.
Well it still today makes me cringe when I think of how mean I was to that poor, sweet girl. I won¦t recount any of the things I did, except that at a quarter to 11 Natalie said I should turn off the TV and get ready for bed, because my parents said I should be in bed by 11. I said, ¦Oh fuck my parents, and fuck you.¦ Then she tried to take the remote control away, to turn off the TV, and I threw it out the window.
At that she took the phone and made a call, then said, ¦My brother said if you gave me any trouble to call him, and he¦s coming right over.¦ A couple of minutes later her brother showed up, and MY GOD, it was BUTCH JOHNSON, our high school¦s greatest athlete, whom I had a humongous crush on. I¦d never met him, just seen him play football and basketball and drooled over his great body and handsome face.
He came in and said, ¦This little brat giving you trouble?¦ and Natalie said, ¦She sure is,¦ ò -É ¦¦f the things Ç done, including throwing the remote control out the window.
He said, -Sounds like she needs a good spanking,+ and Natalie said, -I+ll say she does.+
And right away Butch had picked me up and carried me over to the couch and turned me over his lap, while all I could do was sort of whimper and say, -Please, I+m sorry.+
And then he pulled my cutoff jeans off and started pulling my panties off, and I was saying, -Oh no, please, no.+ Natalie said, -I don+t think you should do that, Leonard,+ and he said, -Now Sis, you know Mom and Dad always said the only good spanking is a bare ass spanking.+
So there he was, my dream man, looking at my bare ass, but before I could protest again, his big right hand came down, WHACK on my right buttock, and I gave a loud wail, -OW.+
Then three more whacks, equally hard, had me really wailing. Then he stopped for a minute to sort of rub my ass soothingly. Then four more hard WHACKS and more rubbing.
He kept up this routine, four whacks then rub, and pretty soon I was enjoying it. Oh, the whacks still hurt like hell, but in rubbing me he was getting his fingers down into my crack and then he was sticking them up into my pussy, and I was getting more and more turned on, and then I started to come on his fingers.
He said, -Whada ya know, the little brat is getting turned on by this,+ and he whacked and then rubbed some more and I was going -Ooh, ooh,+ because it felt so good, what he was doing with his fingers, and pretty soon I had his hand all wet, and he said, -You know what — this little scamp wants a fuck.+
His sister said, -Oh no, Leonard, you mustn+t,+ and he said, -Why not? It+s what she wants. Don+t you want it, sweety?+ I said, -Oh yes, please,+ and he said,+There, you see, she said the magic word, she said +Please,+ so we have to give her what she wants when she said the magic word.+
Natalie said, -But what if she+s a virgin?+ and he said, -Are you?+ and I said, +Uh huh,+ and he said, -Great. That+s my hobby, deflowering virgins.+
So Natalie didn+t argue any more, and when he said, -Bring us a towel+ she brought a big bath towel in from the bathroom.
Butch laid me down on it, then took off my shirt and bra so I was naked. He kissed and licked my breasts and then fondled them and said, -Hey, kid, you+re going to have great boobs one of these days.+
Then he said, -Lucky I+m a good Boy Scout and am always prepared,+ and took a condom out of his wallet. He took off his pants and shorts so I could see his enormous cock, and I was a little scared by it, but he said, -Don+t worry, it+ll be a perfect fit.+
He stuck two fingers in my vagina and rubbed a little, then three fingers, then four, and after he+d rubbed some more he said, -Now we+re ready+ and started to put that beautiful big cock into me.
He got the head up to my entrance, then pushed and pushed until he got it in, then pushed some more and got in another inch, then another inch, and all the while I was going, -Oh, oh,+ because partly it hurt and partly it felt so good.
He came to my cherry and pushed real hard and broke it and I said a loud -OW,+ because it did hurt, and some blood came out onto the towel. Butch said, -There, the worst is over, sweetheart, now just enjoy.+
And he got all the way in, filling me up with that wonderful cock, then started a slow in and out, in and out, that had me cooing in extacy, then started going harder and faster and I felt like I was ready to fly to the moon, and he gave a final hard shove and said, -Oh Wow,+ and I came with a wonderful orgasm so I said, -Oh WOW,+ and then we lay there and gradually stopped trembling.
I hugged him and said, -I love you, Butch,+ and he said, -Well, I love fucking you, honey, but now it+s time to get you into bed.+
He picked me up and carried me to my room and laid me down on my bed and kissed me, Then Natalie put my pajamas on me and
Butch left.
Then Natalie went downstairs and cleaned everything up and even went out and brought the remote control back in. When my parents got home they asked how everything had been, and she said, -Oh, she was a perfect angel.+
Well, my parents went out twice more after that and had Natalie over to baby sit, and she had Butch come over after they left, and we had some great sex. And Natalie joined us. She+d been a virgin too, but seeing Butch fuck me had turned her on so that she got into bed with him right after she got home that first time.
Then I turned 14 and my folks decided I didn+t need a baby sitter any more. So I got no more sex from Butch, although I don+t mind admitting I+ve had a good many other sex partners since then.
As to Butch, he got a football scholarship to USC, but he got kicked out of school for raping the daughter of one of the deans. Last I heard he was driving a truck and playing semi-pro football, still hoping to get into the NFL.
So maybe he wasn+t a real nice guy, but I+m still grateful to my parents for having his sister as my baby sitter.

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