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The Babysitter

Age when it happend: 14
Where it happened: My house
Langauge: English
Sex: Male
Rating: 8
Category: Straight

It was August and my parents were on vacation so they hired a babysitter named Andrea who was 15 to whatch my little brother’s. When I first saw her I though she was pretty hot and wanted to get to know her better. One night we were whatching TV in the basement and she came up to me and started touching my leg. I thought, “WOW,” because for most of the time that she was staying with me she was pretty reserved and I had begun to think she was prude. I started to touch her leg and run my fingertips across her legs. My hand wandered up her shorts and I could feel that her panties were moist. She was pretty tall and this gave me a lot of leg to work with. As I ran my hands up and down her leg Iasked her if she was a virgin. She whispered yes in my ear and I whispered yes back. She asked me to take off my shirt and whatched as I threw it across the room. She licked her hands and then worked her saliva into my nipples. They grew hard as I took off her shirt and bra. Her breasts were small but firm, I noticed, when she suddenly unsnapped and unzipped her shorts. Her panties were soaked when I slid them down her legs and away. She told me stand up and pulled my shorts and boxers off. She fit her mouth over my cock and began to suck while jerking the shaft with her hands. “She must whatch a lot of porno’s,” I thought, “either that or she’s just some gifted sex god.” I stopped her before I came and told her to spread her legs. She held her lips open as I ate her out. My toungue flicked in and out faster and faster as she began to moan and scream. Her back arched violently as she orgasmed. She lifted my head up and now i was in a sitting position. She spread her legs apart and put one leg to each side of me. I could feel my cock sliding in. At first I thought it would never fit, it was too tight. My thoughts ended soon, though, as I popped her cherry and it slid all the way in. Our bodies began to thrash in time and we were both screaming. Finally, I pushed down on her shoulderes and thrusted up as hard as I could. I gave one last moan as I ejaculated into her. We talked for a while later under the covers on the sofa. We both so worn out, however, that we soon fell asleep hugging each other…and woke up together as well.

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