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The Babysitter

Age when it happend: 13
Where it happened: His house
Langauge: English
Sex: Female
Rating: 10
Category: Straight

It was summer vacation and i was trying to earn some extra money… so i posted a babysitting add ..a week later Mrs. Similo from down the street called me and asked me to babysitt her five year old son.. and to keep an eye on my her older son who usually got into trouble. So i went there on a friday night to watch little omar.. i showed up prepaired with the usual stuff that would keep 5 year olds busy.. GI Joes and board games..[i brought my vibrater with me just in case i got bored] So after many hours of entertaining Justin’s little brother [justin is mrs similos older son] i put him to bed and went back downstairs to watcha little tv… thats when justin came down stairs… he was soo unbelieveably hott!!! he was dressed in baggy caffine pants and a baggy billabong shirt .. he looked really tired …but he came and sat next to me on the couch.. since it was our first time meeting we did the usual introduction thingy and relaxed to watch Rush Hour .. he slowly did the usual guy thing by streching his arm around me.. i moved a little closer to him and rested my head on his sholder,mmmmmmmm he smelled so good…then i looked up at him and his green eyes met mine..sigh HE IS SOOOO HOTT!! then he kissed me and stuck his tounge in my mouth and i was like mmmm tastes like chicken! lol j/k but we continued kissing for about 10 minutes then i could see that his cock was sticking through the zipper of his pants… hmmmmmm maybe did he forget to zip??? neway i ripped off his shirt and felt up his muscular chest down past his six packdown to his pants and took then off and his boxers until he was fully naked!!! then he began to undress me with my DD bra then my skirt.. i wasnt waering any uunderwear!!!!!!! then we started to masterbate each other and moved onto the floor sorry but i will finish later

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