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Thanks, PCH!!

Age when it happend: 17
Where it happened: Her room/my room
Langauge: English
Sex: Male
Rating: 8
Category: Straight

M Mom got a Sweepstakes package through the mail from Publishers Clearing House a couple months ago. She always throws thesethings away, but I decided to look through the stuff they had for sale. One of the items that interested me was this 2-DVD set entitled, “101 Unusual Sexual Positions.” It cost only 4 payments of $3.99 each, so I decided to send for it. For a couple weeks afterthat, I had to watch the mail pretty closely, bringing it in from the mailbox myself, so my Mom wouldn’t find out what I had ordered.In about ten days it was delivered, and I took it over to my girlfriend’s house so we could watch them together. We knew a little bit about sex,and had experimented a couple times, but my gosh,we never nknew there were so many ways to fuck! The models were a beautiful blonde and this handsome, tanned guy with lots of muscle, and they knew all the moves. Cathy and I started to imitate the positions over the next few weeks — in her room and in mine, and we soon had mastered most of the positions. Fucking is really fun! Thanks PCH!

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