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Thank you Mommy and Daddy

Age when it happend: 13
Where it happened: My room
Langauge: English
Sex: Female
Rating: 6
Category: Straight

I started typing this one finger at a time because altho I have my own computer I am not a good typist, so then I got my friend Celia to do the typing and I have written this out in pencil for her to copy. Celia is also the best speller in our class.

What happened was this morning my mommy came in my room and saw me rubbing myself on my vagina (I just learned that word). She said, “Oh my, you have reached that age, haven’t you.”

I was a little embarrassed but she said there was no need to be, what I was doing was perfectly natural. Then she said it was time to tell me all about sex. She called my daddy in to help her and between them they explained all about sex and how it works. They took my pajamas off and explained all about my vagina and my clitoris and how they get stimulated by sex and daddy said how I already had nice young breasts and told how they also could feel sexual excitement. He squeezed and tickled them a little to show me, and he was right.

Then they told about how it works with a man, and daddy opened his fly and showed me his penis and they explained how a man puts his penis in a woman’s vagina and they work together giving each other pleasure until the man “came” and poured his semen, or his sperm, into the woman’s womb, and that’s how babies are created.

Of course I already knew a lot of this but I had never really understood just how it all worked.

So them Mommy told me how people can enjoy sex even if they don’t plan on having babies, and how in fact many people enjoy sex even if they aren’t married. She said I would probably want to have some of that enjoyment myself when I got older. But she said I should remember that sex was really a beautiful experience when it is between two people who love each other, and just doing it for fun with someone you don’t love can never be as beautiful or satisfying.

So then they told me not to be ashamed of my sexual feelings, and when I got to where I wanted to experience the whole thing it should be with someone I loved.

So then they got dressed and went to work, they both have jobs but not together, and left me there thinking about what they had told me, and I went back to rubbing myself and getting more and more excited and then I decided I wanted to find out what the real thing was like.

Mommy an daddy had said it should be with someone I loved. Well, we have this neighbor boy named Harold who is 14 and the Bible says we should love our neighbors so I guess I love Harold.

So I called him up and asked him to come over and he wanted to know what for and I said it would be a surprise. So he said he would.

Then when he came to the door I was still naked and I let him in and said “Are you surprised?” and he said “God yes, what are you up to?”

I said I had just been learning about sex and no I wanted to try out what I had learned and wanted it to be with him since he is my neighbor and I love him.

He was kind of uncertain but I led him in to my bedroom and then I zipped open his pants and unbottoned his shorts, and I sould see he had a nice penis, maybe not as big as daddy’s but nice, and I started stroking it and it started getting hard. Then I remembered reading, in a story some of the kids had passed around in class when the teacher wasn’t looking, about “blow jobs” and I started sucking his penis and it got really, really hard.

Harold said, “Hey, what are you doing?” and I said “I’m getting your penis hard so you can put it in me?” He said, “You mean fuck you?” and I said yes, I guess that is the usual word for it.

Harold said, “Jesus, I don’t know about this.” I said, “Harold, you’re my neighbor and you should love your neighbor, and if you love me you should make love to me.”

Then I pulled his jeans and shorts all the way off and led him to my bed and I laid down and spread my legs wide apart and said, “So come on, neighbor.”

And he did. Oh, it took him a little time to get his penis into me because I am so young and inexperienced, but my vagina was damp from my having rubbed myself and I used my finger and he used his fingers and pretty soon he was able to enter me with his penis and then push it in a little farther and a little farther and I was going “Ooh, ooh, this feels so good,” because it really did.

Then he came to my cherry and said “Do you wnat me to break it?” and I said, “You’re damn right I do.” Ordinarily I don’t use swear words, but this time I felt like it. So he did and it hurt a little, but not enough to make we want to have him stop.

Then he pushed and pulled and pushed and pulled and he seemed to know what he was doing, and I found out later that he did know about sex too, even though this was also his first time too. And it got to feeling better and better and then, Oh Wow, I had one of those orgasms Mommy had told me about, and she was right about what a wonderful feeling it is, but any of you who have had orgasms already know that.

Then Harold said, “You aren’t on the pill are you?” and I said “No,” and he said, “Then I’ve got to pull out,” and he did just in time to “come” with his sperm or semen on my stomach.

Then he said, “Oh man, that was some fun, but I’ve got to get back home. I’ve got work to do.” So he pulled his clothes back on and left.

oh deer, now i am typing this with one finngr agaain as celia just left. i ast heer why sshe was leevving and she sed I am goinng to se henrym my nabor, beecuz i want to love him too just like yiou did. so i justt wantted to say at the end thank you mommy and think you daddy for teling me aboux sex

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