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Age when it happend: 13
Where it happened: John Paul College Coffs Harbour Nsw Australia
Langauge: English
Sex: Male
Rating: 5
Category: Straight

Ok I shouldn’t be telling u this but it all started when I had never had a girlfriend and she ultimate good looking chick. All though everyone thought she was a bit overweight but I saw though that.
We have been dating two weeks and sex had never been brought it up before. Then one day when i was at home with her watching Romero and Juliet and thsn without warning she grap my hand and thursted her hand down her skirt and I couldn’t believe my eyes.
It came as a shock to me because this quiet girl was now finger fucking herself with my fingers!!!!
She said that we should of got more intimate I thought I knew what she was talking about.
This is when we got into it!!!
We striped off and she started stroking her hand up and down my tiny not yet erected penis then I started to get excited my small penis was now getting up and she took it in her hand and started to suck me.
Untill this i had never wacked off before so all these feeling were new to me.
Then after about 5 minites she stoped and said do you have protecting I said “yes” than she said “good”.
She lead me into the room as we got nearly to the bed she thought me onto it and started to role the condom onto my now huge erected penis.
Now we started to fuck it was the best feeling I had ever had now that we were started she was talking dirty this made it a bit easlier for me but i could tell that she was nervous we had nearly finished and now that we did it it was the best experience i had ever had.

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