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Tennis Anyone?

Age when it happend: 16
Where it happened: In the woods
Langauge: English
Sex: Male
Rating: 9
Category: Straight

My adolescent years were not pleasant…worse than most I’d say. I was a skinny kid, shy with girls, and had a real inferiority complex. Being smaller and not as aggressive as the bigger more popular boys in my class put me way down on the food chain. My only claim to fame was that I was a good tennis player. My Dad played in college and I grew up with a tennis racket in my hand. I was physically the least impressive looking player on the court but I usually won my matches.

Since girls didn’t pay any attention to me I focused on tennis and from age 11 to 16 I played year round. Our school was well known for tennis and at each grade level I was the number 1 or 2 player on the team. Each year I grew a little, gained some weight, but never gained any confidence with girls, and never had…or asked for…a date.

When I was 16 some of the better players were asked to help mentor the other players, help with their serves and basic strokes. My first “pupil” was Melissa, a new senior transfer to the school and a fair tennis player. She was 18 years old, a medium-tall redhead, very athletic with a great looking body. Her best feature was her legs, long and lean and gorgeous. We played at the courts out behind the school.

Being new to the school, Melissa didn’t know me from my old short, skinny, dufus days. By now I was above average height, still a slim build, but in great condition from all the tennis. I still was shy and had no confidence with girls. But Melissa as different than other girls in school. She was very nice and tried very hard to learn what I was teaching her about tennis.

She was eager to play and so we came out to the courts several evenings each week. I found myself eager for our tennis time together but was too shy to see if our time together could go somewhere other than the tennis court.

That evening it did. As it grew dark we turned on the lights. Other players left and we were the only two left on the courts. The lights were on a timer and every hour you had to push a button to get the lights back on. The button was on Melissa’s side of the court. The lights went out, putting us into near total darkness. “Get the lights” I hollared to Melissa.

It seemed to be taking a long time, so I said, “Can’t you find the button?” When she answered, the sound of her voice placed her on my side of the net, not far away. “I’m still looking.”

As my eyes adjusted to the darkness I could see her walking toward me. I didn’t know what she was doing, but she came right up to me and put her arms around my waist. “I think I’d like it to be dark or a while.”

With that she pulled herself close to me. I could feel the firmness of her breasts pushing against my chest and her hands rubbing up and down my back under my shirt. The smell of her red hair was wonderful and in hear shock I dropped my racket to the court and just stood there while she went to work on me.

Melissa inched my shirt up toward my shoulders. As it passed her face she started to kiss and lick my bare chest and rub more with her hand. She licked around my nipples and bit at them with her lips and teeth. That started to drive me crazy! I didn’t know what to say. “Melissa, what are doing?”

“I’ve been wanting to know you better ever since we started our tennis lessons.” No girl had ever shown an interest in me like this before and I was in mild shock as the result of her ambush, my extreme shyness, and the sudden arousal I felt from the attention of her hands and mouth on my belly, chest, and nipples.

After a while of playing with my chest, Melissa pushed my shirt up and over my head. The feel of her hot breath on my chest and the cool night air on my back finally stimulated my primal male instinct. As she stroked her hands over my shoulders and felt my biceps, I put my arms around her and pulled her closer to me. My hands traced the same path hers did, up and under her shirt, and across her smooth back. Dropping lower then, I felt her very firm ass inside her shorts and even stroked the backs of her upper thighs.

We were both breathing very deeply and my cock was pressing hard against her firm thigh. Our faces moved close and our lips found each other. We probably stood there for ten minutes, kissing, rubbing backs and asses, and enjoying the bulk of my hard as rock prick in my jock strap pushing against her.

Again taking the lead, Melissa pulled away and took my hand to lead me off the court to a picnic area in a nearby grove of trees. Standing at the end of a picnic table she turned to me and pealed her tennis shirt up and off. Pulling me tight to her she pushed her hands down the back of my shorts, grabbed my butt and strongly massaged me. In turn I ran my hands up under her sports bra and for the first time took a pair of firm female breasts in my hands…a wonderful feeling.

I was on a roll now and wanted to see these beauties. Again following her lead, I pushed the bra up over her head and threw it on the table. In the dim light I stepped back to gaze on her perfectly shaped breasts and light pink nipples. They looked good enough to eat so I did, causing Melissa to moan and gasp as I tweaked the hard nips and licked around the soft pink outer edges.

Now she upped the ante again when she first rubbed my hard on from outside my shorts, then pushed them down over my hips. Once clear of my ass and cock bulge, they fell to the ground and I kicked them aside. Melissa swooped down and slowly pealed the tight jock down the length of my cock, first exposing the head, then the shaft, and then my balls, which I felt flop out of the protective pouch. She removed the jock, placing her head against my hip, her face just inches from Mr. Happy.

By now my head (on my shoulders) was swirling. As I felt her warm hand take my penis by the shaft, I knew that there was only one likely end to this story…I was going to get laid. YES!

Now I took charge and pulled her back up. As she rose up I pushed down her shorts. Off came both the shorts and her panties at the same time. I pulled her close to me and for the first time felt the naked body of a girl against my own.
I did a little exploring, feeling her firm ass and thighs, playing some more with those wonderful tits, and then sliding my palm down acros her heaving belly to find a soft bush of pubic hair, very wet, with a glowing hot slit beheath, dripping with her excitement. My finger traced a path up and down that soft flesh and must have found her clit because she gasped and pulled on my arms as I massaged that spot.

“Have you ever made love to a girl before?” she asked me. I stumbled and bumbled with that questions before admitting my virginity. “How about you…have you made love to a boy before?”

She admitted to having a certain amount of experience and said she liked my shyness as well as my body. Now there were words I never thought I’d hear a girl speak.

Melissa sat up on the end of the picnic table and laid back down. In the dim light I could see the mounds of her breasts, the soft curve of her stomach and the light fluff of pussy hair between her legs.

She again took my erection into her hand, the other hand juggled my balls. She jacked me up and down and I felt a jolt of energy go thru me ten times more powerful than anything I’d felt when masterbating myself. Stream after stream of hot cum flew up and over both of us. When it was over I stammered something about finding my hot spot. She took my hand and pushed it against her sopping wet pussy and laid back down on the table.

OK, I get the hint. The best meal I’d ever enjoyed on a picnic table was being served. I’d read about this in porn magazines so I following the directions and spread her pussy lips with my tongue and licked and licked. I was nearly covered in her juices and nearly decapitated as her strong legs closed in an out, up and down around me. I ate pussy until I nearly sprained my tongue.

Eating her out put the sting back into my stinger and I stood ready for the final act. The picnic table as just the right height for this. With her knees bent and legs pulled up, her pussy was dead ahead of my cock and I bent it down toward the outer lips. We were both slick as spit and I could not wait. I pushed the head in until it disappeared, then with several in and out motions, pushed in further until I was tight up gainst her, buried deep in her belly.

Melissa felt wonderfully hot and very tight around my cock. She held on to my shoulders while I pumped in and out of her, picking up speed and enjoying the unbelieveable feeling of my prick in this beautiful girl. Melissa started making all sorts of gasping and moaning sounds and wrapped her legs tight around my back, I couldn’t move, but stood there, impaling her with my cock as an orgasm even more powerful than the first took over. My cum filled her tight pussy and flowed out and down our legs.

I bent down over her and pressed my chest against her and kissed her with a feeling of love and attachment I’d never felt before. I was a changed man…no longer a boy…and ready to conquor the world.

My new-found manhood suddenly took a backseat to a feeling of panic. Somebody had arrived at the dark tennis courts and turned on the lights! Our picnic table was awash in light and out naked bodies were glistening with a combination of sweat, cum, and love juices. Melissa and I moved slowly off the backside of the table and back into the shadows on the ground behind it. We giggled and held each other close. The people found my racket on the court and put it with our towels and equipment bags on the side.

It must have been nearly an hour that we hid in the dark, kissing and fondling breasts, nipples, asses, pussy and cock. Watching people not 50 years away, lying naked and hidden from view was very exciting. Finally they quit and left. I figured that there were 10 or 15 minutes of lights left before it went dark again, so we waited until the coast looked clear and retrieved our clothes lying around the picnic table. I couldn’t take my eyes off Melissa. Seeing her body in the light made what had happened even that much more awesome. My cock was rock hard again and she laughed as I tried to stuff it back into my jock.

After getting back to the court and putting our gear away we made a tennis date for the next evening. We played tennis and screwed our eyes out every night, weather permitting, for the next few months. Melissa graduated from high school that spring. I finished my junior and senior years as the number 1 player on the team. I had several more students, but none who taught me as much as Melissa.

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