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Teens First Time

Age when it happend: 16
Where it happened: On the couch
Langauge: English
Sex: Male
Rating: 8
Category: Straight

I have read some of these stories and some are sincere I think, some totally made up!! You can make your mind up on my experience.

So, I has this neighbor, Ashley, she’d always been this brat, but when she turned 12 her body just exploded with changes. She grew a very sexy booty and had some poofy boobies, but really didn’t matter cause of her hips. She looked older than she was for sure.

She and I would get home before parents did and hangout and watch TV sometimes. She was a bit of a tease too, wearing short shorts or skirts, she had beautiful legs.

Anyways, we were watching this TV show and a couple started making out on the TV, and I looked at her and asked her if she wanted to try. She was ummm… sure. I actually taught her how to kiss. I felt bad that she was 13, but omg she was turning out to be soooo hot. We started kissing after school, and making out. I started feeling her boobies, what was there anyway (which was fine with me), but she seemed to really like it.

I finally, like a week later, took her top off and she had these little poofy boobies, way sexy. She was embaressed, but I was like omg you look so hot. After that I unbutonned her jeans and started to reach in her panties, and she was feeling my BULGE in my pants. I unzipped my pants for her, she was to shy to unzip them, but I wanted to show her how HARD I was. She pumped it for me, and OMG I just like BLEW my load all over the place I was sooo turned on by her. I kept fingering her, but I was careful cause I didn’t want to hurt her and I don’t think she really came from my finger. She was surpised by me shooting splooge everywhere. She was like WOW.

Summer started at about that time and we started hangin’ out all day, and you guessed it, making out. That summer, I took her panties off, she was soooo beautiful. She had like just a little hair down there, it was so sexy. She was laying there on my parents couch with her legs spread open and I had to have her. I pulled down my undies and mounted her. I busted her cherry. Left a stain on the couch, had to turn the cushion over! She said it hurt the first couple of time, but it got better. OMG, that summer we just started buckin’ and fuckin’ all summer. She had a tight little cunt. We were living in the moment. I was bustin’ in her daily. We were so active just bangin’ all summer.

I was barecock, she ended up late, and became pregnant. She mis-carried and no one ever found out. I will never forget her. She has grown to be this beautiful women and is beautiful to this day. If we see each other, we have this little smile when our eyes meet.

God bless memories 🙂

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