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Age when it happend: 15
Where it happened: On a bus trip
Langauge: English
Sex: Male
Rating: 10
Category: Straight

My first time happened when I was 15 and on a bus ride to join my parents at our vacation cabin in northern Michigan. I had never fucked a girl before, just some heavy make out sessions with an adventuresome neighbor girl….including some tit sucking, finger fucking, oral, etc. My parents had left the previous week and because of my summer job I couldn’t go with them, but decided to join them later. I got on the bus at the station just outside of Detroit about 7am. There were to 12 people on the bus so I decided to sit by myself in the very back of the bus. As I was walking back to my seat I saw a young, cute blond girl about my age who was sitting about 5 rows in front of me. The bus took off and I was killing time reading a Sports magazine. A few miles down the road the girl walked back to my seat and asked if she could join me for company. I said sure. She said, “Hi, my name is Sue and I’m going to Northern Michigan to visit my cousin.” I replied, “I’m going to northern Mich too. I’m meeting my parents at our vacation cabin.” Her destination was about 30 minutes before my stop, but we had a 14 to 16 hour trip ahead of us because we stopped at almost every town before we would reach our distinations. We chatted about the normal stuff, music, friends, school, etc. Sue was very attractive, nice long blond hair, cute face, long-sexy legs. She was wearing running shorts, like I was, and an oversized tee-shirt. We chatted, played cards, and when it got dark we decided to take a nap. To my surprise, Sue said, “You don’t mind if I use your lap for a pillow do you”. I replied, “Be my guest”. With that, she laid down on the bench seat that we were sitting on and placed her head on my lap. She felt so nice, warm and soft and I was getting turned on. I placed my hand on her upper arm and I started to rub her..she said, “That feels good. Do my back”. With that she moved to lay on her belly, her head moved right next to my crotch, and she placed her right hand on my upper thigh, next to my crotch..I started to massage her shoulders and back. She moaned her pleasure a few times and my cock was getting rock hard and was resting right next to her face. In a moment she whispered, “My what do we have here”..as she moved her hand to my cock. She squeezed it a few times, making me even harder. She said, “Lets get you more comfortable”. With that she raised up on her elbows, undid my pants, unzipped me, and pulled out my cock. She laid back down, now her head facing my cock, and she continued to squeeze it and massage it. I moved my hand underneath the waist band of her shorts, under her panties, down to her ass and started to squeeze and stroke her ass. She spread her legs a bit more and I moved my hand down to her pussy and started to rub her slit with my middle finger. She moaned and then moved her mouth to my cock and started to lick and suck the head and moved her hand to my balls to play with them. My finger slowly moved inside her pussy and I found her clit and began to rub it. She moaned, and moved my dick deeper inside her mouth…sucking and going up and down on the shaft. I pulled her shorts and panties off and I worked my body underneath hers in a 69 position just like I had done before with my neighbor friend. I found her pussy, spread her lips with my fingers, and began a fucking motion with my tongue inside her cunt. She was getting more excited and turned on…she was now really working my cock with her mouth. In turn, I worked hard at her cunt..then I moved my right hand to her anus and worked my middle finger deep inside. She moaned her pleasure as I began to finger fuck her ass as I worked over her cunt with my mouth and tongue. Her pussy juices were really flowing and I tried to lick and suck very drop. I could feel my cum building inside of me and I knew that I was going to explode any second. Sue could sense it, and she started to suck my cock like a wild woman..then I exploded…exploded hard. I could feel Sue’s mouth around my cock sucking strong…she was sucking and swallowing my cum. I exploded two good spurts of cum that Sue sucked down. We stayed like this for several minutes..Finally Sue got up and moved into my arms, we didn’t say anything. I just held her tight and embrassed her. After awhile I started to get hard again. Sue moved onto my lap facing me, grabbed my cock and moved it to her pussy…she slowing sat down on my shaft, slowly going deep inside her. We did a slow fuck, enjoying every minute..as we fucked I sucked her tits, kissed her neck, and explored her mouth with my tongue. We kissed long and hard. I could feel myself getting ready to explode again…as I got closer I began to move my tongue inside and out of her mouth in time with our fucking action…I grabbed her firmly as I exploded and she sucked my tongue hard. Later that night, I fucked her in the ass. We 69’d again and fucked one more time. We traded phone #s when she got to her distination. We got together a few times a year after that for several years, even through my college years. We lost contact with each other when I was in the service. I’m married now, with grandchildren. I would love to see her again and see if we could get the sparks to fly for one last time.

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