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Age when it happend: 17
Where it happened: Her house
Langauge: English
Sex: Male
Rating: 9
Category: Straight

I was dating Betsy regular and she was one of the good looking best in school. After several times of heavy petting and fingering her, she said she wanted to have sex with me and she was no longer a virgin but very little experience. We agreed to meet at her house on Wednesday afternoon and there would be no one home. Her mother Lois was a very sexy woman, in my eyes and seemed to flirt with me at any opportunity. She was long legged with an athletic body and smallish brests. She was 34 and acted very young around me. On the set day when I arrived at Betsy’s house she was not home but Lois was. Their work schedules got messed up and Betsy was the one working. Lois was wearing short – short shorts with large legs for her slim tighs and a see thru blouse with no bra. She invited me in and gave me the news also offered me a cold beer; which I like. We sat at the table talking and drinking beer and she flashed me with looks up the leg of her shorts to see her pubic hair; no panties either. She also squeesed up on her brests to make them push against the blouse. We finished the beer and she walked behind me and massaged my shoulders; asking me how it felt and I said good. She told me to push my chair back and sat astraddle of my lap. Show me how you kiss she said and I responded with my amature ways. She wiggled around on my lap giving me a hard on. Then she told me to take off her blouse; which I did. She asked if I was a virgin and I said; yes. Will you let me show you how she asked. At this point how could I refuse. She led me into the bedroom and began kissing me and undressing me. She placed my hands on her lovely brests and told me how to caress them. Then she removed her shorts revealing that she had no panties on. She then told me how to suck her brests and they formed nipples with hard tips. Then she lay on her back with her legs spread wide an instructed me on how to lick her already hot pussy. Then she had me lay on my back and mounted me. With several deft thrusts she engulfed my cock. She worked up and down slowly at first allowing me to hold off with cuming. But then she was gasping with her breathing and heaving hard and fast I reached orgaism in a hurry but she was right after me thrusting and almost yelling about how good it felt. Then she said hold on and turn us over; which we did with my firm penis still in her. Then I fucked her long and hard until she got off again. We got up and she kissed and kissed me and told me how good I was and I told her the same. Later after a rest she took me in the bathroom and revived my hard on even bigger and harder with massage under nice warm water. She then bent over the sink and told me to fuck doggie fashion. She reach climax twice more this way and the second time collapsed, and we both fell to the floor. I have never had any better fucking in my life and we repeat the event often because she is now my mother-in-law. Betsy still has no clue. But she is also very good how lucky can a man be.

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