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Age when it happend: 15
Where it happened: classroom
Langauge: English
Sex: Male
Rating: 4
Category: Straight

i was a freshman at my high school.i had her 5th period.I had made a sex remark to a girl in my class.
And my teacher told me to stay after school.So i did. When every body left the room she gave the door
key and told me to lock it so i did.I came back to her desk and she lifted up her short dress. She was
wearing red and black panties. Then she told me to come closer so i did. she ask me if i ever finger a
girl before. i said no, would you like to she said sure i replyed. She dropped her panties and her skirt.
her pussy was nice, small, and shaved i saw some juices drip from her thigh. I stuck in 1 finger then 2,
3,4. then she took off her bra i unzipped my pants took off my shirt and ftl’s(underwear). My cock pop out
then she started to suck slow then fast. then before i knew it we were on her work dest fucking, i was on
top pumping like a wild piston she had about 6 orgasms she came then a minute later i fill he wet pussy with
my cum. so of it dripped on some school papers. we laied their for a while and got dress and went home.
Then when i went school the next day she told she had no panties on and would to suck and fuck me agian after school
and this happened the whole intire trimester.

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