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Teacher tantrum

Where it happened: office
Langauge: English
Rating: 1
Category: Straight

Ok, I am a huge outdoor education girl,and the school i went to was really into it. Tony was a teacher at the school, and a real mice(and cute!) guy. All the girls had crushs on him. A he worked in this department, i knew him welll, someone who was friendly but someone i never dreamed of being my boyfriend. Anyway, after i left school, i kept in contact with the school, and regularly went on outdoor trips with them. One day i was in the gym looking for the Head of Outdoor Ed, when Tony walked in (his office is in the gym). We got talking and he asked me if i had a boyfriend. I said no and he told me he had been in love with me right through high school.before i knew it, we were in his locked office, making out. I felt his hands slide down to my shorts, inside them and he started feeling me right through. i could feel his throbbing dick through his pants,soon we were both half naked and he was eating all my hot juices. i gave hima massive blow job and he got a condom out, telling me he wanted me so bad. He thrust himself in me, it hurt like hell as he rode me hard, but i just kept moaning in pain and pleasure. As he pumped me he took off my bra and stared massaging my boobs and licking my breasts. We went on all lunch, and then just lay there kissing. We are now going out and I love him so much.

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