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Where it happened: in her house
Rating: 10
Category: Straight

it was raining ,when suddenly my teacher came across me en offering me a ride home.i agreed coz i won1t be able to get any bus in such a rainy day.
along the journey we kept on talking about school subject en all about the homework .oh yess,.. my teacher was about 30 years old with a clean en white face ,she`s a chinese…she looks beautiful in her uniform .actually form the scoohl until my house it
`s just takes about 15 minutes ride but it`s 30 minutes now en i don`t know where are we going .
“let`s go to my house first i want to teach you so extra lessons”she said.i agreed with her
after along ride we finaly arrive at her house .she let me in en told me to have a sit.mean while she wanted to changed her clothes .but what a surprise when she suddenly walked up naked en started to walk to my place SHIT! i can`t control my self she then told me to started to unbottuned my uniform en get naked along with her .i can`t control myself en started to do whatever she had told me then she started to kiss my lips en let me touch her breast s told me to pinched her nipples en suck it as hard as i could ,i did whatever she had told me en my lips gave her nipples a slight bites en she seeemed to enjoy it she kept mourn en called my name .en then she told me that she got wet en want me to suck her clits .then she laid down to the floor told me to freely explore her cunt en made him wild
i started to sucked en bite her clits gave her en exciting feeling that she cried for more en more know she became like a slut rather than a teacher then she told me to get my dick inside of hers .i started to slight it inbut because that was my first time i still doubt to do that .then she helped me en guide my cock into her vagina .at first i felt a little vbit ichy but it gave me a strange feeling .i felt so nice en warm down there .then she told me to start fucking her, i started to moved my body en she told me to do it as hard as i could ,after t get used to it i fuck her harder en she kept on crying with pleasure “OH….URGH….ARGH…..SHIT..HARDER…..FASTER……”the sound made me wild en go garzy this time i did like a professional..after about 15 strokes i was going to cum..when i told her this she told me to change position en this time we did doggy-style ..she said that this was my lesson.then i gave him a few stroked more then i`m cumming not long after that she also cum.i could felt the warm juices fall into the floor then she told me to lick all the juices in her vagina en then her turn to lick my cock.after that we cleaned ourselves en than she brought me back to my house .after that day ,we alwayshave “x-tra lessons”in her house .en she keeps on teaching me a new technique .en until today she still the best teacher in sex.
i love her en having sex with her .until now thinking of the first time still making me wild en if i told her abut our stories then she would asked me “would you liked to have another sex lessons?” en we`ll do it again

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