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Age when it happend: 16
Where it happened: His pick-up truck
Langauge: English
Sex: Female
Rating: 5
Category: Straight

I’m 16 right now, Asian, 5’0″, long thick black hair, brown eyes, b cups, flat stomach and really big ass. I lost my virginity a few days ago and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

I had had a bit of sexual experience up until that point.

I played doctor when I was 6 with my friend Lee. He kissed my pussy and I wasn’t sure why it felt so good. I played with his dick too. Then we put our clothes on and rode on our bikes, lol.

When I was 11 I started going through puberty. I loved Harry Potter and stumbled across some fanfic on the internet. It was a love story between Draco and Hermione and it got me really horny. I humped the lap top as I was reading it and came. I would then read erotic stories/watch porn for an hour everyday after school and hump the laptop for the rest of 6th grade.

I had my first kiss the summer before 7th grade at the pool. He was going into the 8th; blonde, skinny, brown eyes. We went behind the fence and kissed; he rubbed my breasts a bit through the swimsuit. Thought I was finally going to have a boyfriend but never heard from him again of course!

When I was 13 and in the 8th grade I had my first pussy stroke. My friend Tony sat behind me. He was short and stocky, tan with really fantastic blonde hair and gorgeous green hair. He’d often go to the bathroom in that class and the other I had with him, so I began to suspect he just went in there to wank.

Anyways, he often jiggled my desk with his foot, making me bounce up and down. This was really annoying but I soon found it to be quite pleasurable. I started to wear skirts more often so nothing would separate the seat and my pussy besides a thin pair of cotton panties. I’d arch my back and press my clit into the vibrating seat and moan. Bare in mind this was all during science class. Tony knew what he was doing to me but he’d often tease me and never let me cum. One day I finally orgasmed. I was extremely horny that day and he had been jiggling my desk the whole entire class period. My moans were becoming more and more audible and I started to kinda squeak. He started to go really fast and it was making quite a bit of a noise. Finally with a gasp I orgasmed, and I felt like I practically did again when the teacher suddenly screamed at Tony to stop moving my desk. My cheeks flushed red and my heart was pounding in my ears and my pussy was throbbing AND everyone had turned around to look at me and Tony. I felt really flustered and knew I looked it, but no one knew what had happened besides me and Tony.

Well, anyways, one day Tony left for the “bathroom” [i.e. wank] so I decided to go to the “bathroom” too. I caught up with him and we made small talk. We stopped, and he leaned up against the locker. I was really nervous but he looked pretty good so i intertwined my hands with his and leaned in a bit closer. His eyes flickered down to my breasts and I moved slowly in and pressed my lips against his. I put my hand in his pants and stroked his dick while still kissing him; it was probably 5 inches. It was really soft but it started to get harder and I was really excited. He moved his hands to my waist and stroked my clit with his thumb. He put a finger in my slick pussy and I moaned into his mouth. He put another finger in and we both came together, I was so excited. We didn’t do much again for fear of getting caught and now he’s been going steady with this girl for a few years.

In freshman year of HS I had my first boyfriend. I went out with this really hot sophomore. He was very tall, very nice biceps, very athletic, brown hair, brown eyes, and a very cute boyish face. Yes, everything about him is ‘very.’ He’d give me rides to school. Before I got out of the car he’d always lean over and give me a little kiss. Well one day we went pretty far. He leaned over for the usual kiss but instead of a nice short one he kept kissing me and kissing me. I started getting really horny and I crawled on top of his lap and rolled up white the tank top I was wearing. He unclasped my bra and grabbed my breasts. I freed his hard penis from his shorts and started jacking him off, while we were still kissing. I did it all out of instinct, I hadn’t really given anyone a proper handjob before. I just started out slow and slowly got faster, squeezing his balls gently. He had a nice, 6 inch penis. Well, finally he groaned really loud in my mouth and came. The cumshot reached my chin. I wiped up a bit of it with my fingers and sucked on it, giggling. He grinned and kissed my nose, then we went into the school, very giddy for the rest of the day. That was our daily routine for the mornings before school for the rest of the time we were dating; he’d finger me a lot too.

Well, anyways, I had a few boyfriends since then and didn’t do much with them besides kissing, but a few days ago I had my first fuck…

I met Nathan when I was 12 and he’s been one of my best friends ever since. What made him different from the guy “friends” that are really just people I flirt with and nothing more is that he often saw me when I was most vulnerable. When I barely knew him he walked in on me while I was crying. I was really upset over what this one guy had said to me. I felt really embarassed when he walked in and tried to hide it but he made me laugh and called him a jerk with me. From then on we were very close, and I knew that if I was ever upset I could call him and he’d tell me he loved me.

Believe it or not, though, we had just been friends for all this time. Our relationship was never flirtatious. We’d talk as friends, laugh as friends, never really looking at each other more than that. We dated a lot of other people but always managed to stay close through the series of bitches and bastards we went through. 🙂

Sometimes when we were talking, though, I’d find myself suddenly very close to him, looking into his green eyes and totally feeling sooo turned on. Nathan, 6 feet tall, REALLY BUILT from swimming, stunning green eyes, and goofy reddish/brownish/blondish hair [i swear it changes colors every two seconds] I’d want to straddle him and rub my twat against the denim covering his penis… I knew he felt the same way, because sometimes the sexual tension between us would be so unbearable that he’d have to just flat out leave.

Well, being the spontanious kids we are we decided to go on a road trip. [It’s the summer before junior year, btw.] We’ve had a lot of fun, eating junk food, talking, telling jokes, telling secrets, taking pictures of random things… On the first day we got all the way to Alabama [we’re from GA] We were really tired so we stopped in the middle of nowhere and decided to camp out in his white pick-up truck. The sky was BEAUTIFUL, there were so many stars out. He got out some beers and after a few the sleepiness was gone. I was on top of his car, talking, slurring my speech, acting a fool, with him standing in the back, laughing. I slipped a bit and he grabbed me by the waist and pulled me down. Suddenly we were in that position again, really close together, my legs were straddled around his waist with his arms around me, eyes locked… But this time, with the help of a bit of budlight, we just went for it. I kissed him hard and he grabbed me by the arse. He layed me down rather forcefully and started taking off my jeans. I was laying there in my white cami and panties. He started to unbuckle his jeans, but then he looked up at me and stopped. My eyes were starting to tear up and I was getting emotional. It was as if he suddenly didn’t have a penis or something, lol; he pulled me into his strong arms, and cuddled me close. He kissed my neck and asked me what was wrong and we don’t have to do anything, seriously, etc. It was odd because I had always pretended to be a bit more experienced than I actually was, and most guys would be frustrated by this, but Nathan just understood and didn’t want anything more from me. It was as if he had seen through me the whole time. Anyways, I smiled and looked into his eyes again and suddenly felt so relaxed. The night was so perfect, the stars were twinkling, and I loved him. I kissed him softly on the lips and told him so. He grinned and nuzzled me and told me he loved me too.

It would have been a perfect night whether we made love or not, because it was all just so romantic and we were FINALLY together, but seeing as his pants were half off, he was extremely hot and I was only in a thin tank top and panties, I started getting horny. I rubbed his dick through his boxers with one of my hands and he rubbed one of my tits, taking time to really arouse my nipples. We did this for a while, moaning into each others ears and whispering sweet things. My legs kicked up in the air a bit and I kissed him real soft. His penis started growing and pushing and rubbing against my ass; I could tell he wanted to go further but didn’t want to scare me or make me cry again. But I was ready. I crawled out of his lap and got on my knees and kissed him harder. I started pulling his jeans all the way off and rubbed his dick through his boxers with both of my hands. He moaned my name loudly and was about to cum so I stopped, hehe. He groaned and grinned at me sheepishly. I smiled and lifted my shirt teasingly above my head [no bra] in one swoop. He grinned and rubbed both of my breasts, cupping them and stroking the soft tissue under the nipples. My nipples were getting really hard and it all felt so erotic. We were now only wearing our underwear. I pulled his boxers off slowly and took a look at his dick. He had short, curly red pubes and a really nice 7 inch cock. Precum was already oozing out.

I decided I’d give him a blowjob first. I layed down across the cold metal, which gave instant relief/pleasure to my hot, wet pussy and made my nipples ROCK hard. I was scared because it was sooo big; remember i’m 5 feet tall, never gave a blowjob, the biggest penis i handled was 6 inches, and he was a seriously ripped 6 foot tall dude. so I started out slowly lapping at his head. He liked that and moaned, oozing more precum. Then I slowly wrapped my lips around the head and started going down on him, rubbing his balls with my hands and keeping my eyes on his face. He was gasping for breath and gripping at the sides of his truck. As I went faster, he gasped more, and I could tell he was fighting hard not to buck his hips, but I slapped his rump to give him the OK. He started bucking like crazy, gripping my hair. It was quite a mouthful but I was really turned on by how much goddamned pleasure I was giving him. When he came I swallowed it all, because I didn’t really want to get any on my face or make too big a mess. Anyways, after this he was well spent, but I was horny as ever. I leaned back and peeled off my panties to reveal my wet, cleanly shaven pussy. He looked at it glistening in the moonlight and immediately starting getting another erection. He immediately started performing oral sex on me. His tongue was going wild, licking up and down my slit and going inside and all around. I was in absolute HEAVEN. I spread my legs wider and wider; I wanted his tongue all the way inside of me and goddamned everywhere. He was jacking off with one hand as he did this and he used the other hand to finger my arse. He flicked his tongue upward on my clit and everytime he did that I’d scream and buck my pussy in his face. His tongue went deftly deeper inside of me and sometimes he’d close his mouth around my pussy lips and give it a little suck, which felt so good… I’m rubbing my clit and humping the latpop as I think about this. Anyways, after 5 minutes or so of this, he rapidly licked at my clit and jammed his finger up my ass simultaneously. I screamed and had a HUGE orgasm; my thigh muscles spazzed and closed around his head; my back arched so bad I thought it would break; I continued to buck and grind my wet, wet pussy against his face. After this I felt really dizzy and shocked and was breathing really hard. My clit was throbbing and sore. I thought I was done but then my hips involuntarily bucked up again and I realized I was having another orgasm. This had never happened to me before and I was a bit scared, I moaned his name in a worried, confused voice and he quickly grabbed both my asscheeks and buried his face in my pussy. The second orgasm was a huge shock; I bucked my hips twice in his face while moaning a lot. It felt really great too. He kissed my pussy and clit over and over again when I was finally done and I was just so satisfied, but the ride wasn’t even over yet!


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