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Where it happened: her house
Langauge: English
Rating: 7
Category: Straight

Ok, here goes nothing. It was just a simple night that I was going to stay at my friend Jack’s house overnight and hang out, but that’s not what happened. Jack had a sister who I went out with years ago and though it was over, there was always a strange attraction, we always ended up kissing or something when we met. Thats particular night me and Jack were just sitting there playing games and watching TV when Tara(the sister) came in and started bothering us. Boy she looked hot. And being a normal teen, it was a summer night, and not having any experience, I started getting horny as hell, and thinking real dirty things about her. But she must’ve been there for the same reason, because things started happening, and it didn’t take long. My friend was playing videogames and was totally oblivious to the fact that we were flirting a lot behind him. When he left the room to go to the bathroom it started, she bent over to pick something up that she obviously did on purpose, and I checked her ass out real good. Now she had normal pants on, nothing revealing, but I was getting hard. When she went to sit down I put my arms around her waist and sat her down on my lap, she obligied with no problem as I figured, only thing was, I kinda forgot about my hard on, but to my surprise she didn’t get grossed out or angry, but she did move off my lap. Now my friend came back, but he has a very thin but long room, so he was in the front with the games and we were in the back. Now I’ll be the first to admit, she don’t have to much for her body wise, not much of an ass, and at the time you could barely cup her tits, but she , must’ve been from being skinny. But anyway she took my hands after we found out her brother was oblivious, and she placed them on her ass and started rubbing them around, I got the picture and had no problem feeling on her ass for a while. After a while I got bored and decided to take a risk and move to her tits, I figured even when we went out and she was about 8, those s way back then she was pretty easy and open to new ideas. I massaged them for a while and then she finally read my mind and unhooked her bra for me to feel them bare(I was too scared to, didn’t wanna do something without being sure she wanted it). After a while of this I was really horny and bored with those, I wanted to move to her pussy, but was afraid for two reasons, one, I never did anything there and could make a fool of myself, and two, if she didn’t want it, she might scream and blow our cover. I was pretty wrong here though, she told me in a little bit that she wanted more but not then,later come to her room when Jack fell asleep. I went to her room when he was asleep that night, I was so worked up at the thought though, that I was about to cum right there. When I got in her room she was sitting up waiting for me, she got up and told me lets go now, she was only wearing a t-shirt and panties, I was fully clothed(I don’t wear sleep wear to friends houses)I took off everything but my boxers and she took off her bra, they were big, but her boobs had me worked up enough, then she did it. She told me to take off her panties. I did so, slowly and eroticly, they were pretty wet, I got them about around her ankles, and just the thought and feeling of slidding these things off, and looking at that sweet pussy made me wet my boxers, I felt kinda embarrased. It was alright and we kept moving though, she was the kind of girl that didn’t get right into it anyway, she always had to tease, delight, and make it so erotic. I took off my cummed on boxers and she started to just kinda finger her self and move in a very erotic way, then she leaned over to me and whispered in my ear that she wanted me to fuck her. Still being erotic and all, she straddled my leg, moving around real sexy, and then when her soaked pussy moved around on my leg, again, the fact that there was this hot, wet pussy on my leg made me explode again. She then asked me if I was really enjoying the preshow that much. I said Yeah, I guess so and then she asked me to finger her, wow, that wet, warm pussy was great, I fingered her for about ten minutes until she was cumming, then I continued to lick all of that up(sadly, she had to teach me how to finger her … i was unexperienced!)Then finally in was time, she had told me she would be too tight being as she was about as horny as a teen boy usually and masturbated a whole lot with multipul things, she also already broke her hymen, so there was no problem. She guided my dick into her and I went a little slow just incase at first and then she told me there was no pain so I started to gain some speed, I think once I started getting faster it was about 2 minutes before I was pulling out to cum(no I’m not stupid, I didn’t wanna get her pregnant so I pulled out pretty early and she sucked me the rest till I came in her mouth, I was surprised when she swallowed it. And after that basically we just returned to bed. It’s been a while, but I hope we can fool around again sometime. I was sort of an easy shooter, but that’s my story, hey life isn’t always prefect.

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