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Where it happened: my house
Rating: 9
Category: Straight

My story is a bit different. But I will never forget what happened. My b/f Kevin came over after school on Friday and we knew my parents would be gone and wouldn’t be back till Sunday night.We had kissed and petted some and he had touched my bare breasts a few times and I had jerked him off a couple times, but that had been about it. We put on swim suits (privately) and went swimming in our pool. We had a great time and then we got out and laid around and soaked up some sun. I got us some Pepsi and then I began dripping some ice on his back and he jumped! I did it again and then laid down and he took his hand and swattted my butt, but not real hard. He said if I did it again he would spank me! That thought sounded exciting so a little bit later I dripped ice on him and he turned over and pulled me over his lap and began to spank me! He spanked me easy at first and then he spanked harder. This may would weird, but it felt good! I also noticed that I was getting wet.

Then he pulled down the bottom of my bikini and spanked my bare ass! It felt cool to feel him pull down by bikini bottom and exposing me butt..it turned me on more. Then he spanked my bare ass for several minutes and I could feel my wetness increasing! When he put his fingers on my pussy he found it very wet and he asked me if the spanking was turning me on and I blushed and said yes! He spanked me some more and then he undid my top and I was naked! He held me and kissed me and I touched his bulge in his suit and then he took it off…and his cock was so hard! I stroked it and then I took it in my mouth and sucked him until he came..my first time for that! It was wonderful! We held each other and then started again and this time he entered me and gave me my first fuck! It was awesome. The pain was sharp at first as he entered but it soon went away as my whole body responded. Soon he came in me and it was the most wonderful feeeling I had ever had. We both orgasmed and it was the best.

That little spanking started us off on and adventure that we still take. I love being spanked and now he even uses a paddle on me.I either bend over or he ties me over a chair or table. It is so exciting. It turns me on and we always have great sex. We have great sex when he doesn’t spank me but I relish the times when he does spank me. Maybe you think this is weird, but if you haven’t tried it, don’t knock it!


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