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Tanya’s Cool Mom

Age when it happend: 16
Where it happened: Her bedroom
Langauge: English
Sex: Male
Rating: 10
Category: Straight

No I didn’t do my girlfriend’s mom, but everyone will agree she was cool when I tell my story. In high school, I was a bit awkward with girls. I was in several advanced placement classes, a top math and science student, in the math and science clubs in other words, I guess I was a geek.

I met Tanya during my sophmore year, we shared a couple of non-advanced placement classes together and got to know each other. She was in all average classes, so I didn’t get to see her much, but we hit it off and became friends. She told me she and alot of other girls thought I was good looking, but since I was something of a geek, they weren’t interested. However, Tanya was interested, and we started going out together. Sometimes we’d go to a secluded area and make out, something that was totally new to me.

We’d often go to her house and I got to know her mom, who was really cool. One day after going out, Tanya said her mom wanted to talk to us, so we went back to her condo and sat down with her mom. Her mom said she thought I was a nice boy and was happy her daughter was dating someone like me, then she turned the topic to sex. She said Tanya told her we hadn’t had sex, then asked if it was possible we might. I didn’t know what to say since I was in shock, and Tanya didn’t say anything either. Her mom then said if we were going to, we could do it in Tanya’s bedroom as long as we were safe, and that she’d make sure we were if necessary.

This surprised me, since I knew my parents would never go for such a thing. In fact, they were nervous about my relationship with Tanya, but let it go on since they were surprised a geek could attract an good looking girl like Tanya. Tanya had told me she wasn’t a virgin, and how she first had sex at 13, which was a mistake because the guy was just using her, and how after talking with her mother, hadn’t had sex since. Maybe she decided I was the one.

The next Saturday, we went out to lunch and to see a movie. After the movie we went back to her condo and her mom was there, after visiting for a little bit, Tanya took me back to her bedroom, closed the door, and drew the curtains, saying “we need a little privacy.” We then started making out on her bed, kissing, feeling her up, etc. I kept thinking in my head “Am I going to do it?” and “What will it feel like.” I had jerked off many times and wondered how it compared to the real thing, today, even though I was nervous, hoped I’d find out.

She was wearing a pair of tight jeans and a tight black, low cut sweather that just allowed some cleavage to peak out. She looked very sexy to me. She said she was hot so she pulled her sweater off revealing her large breasts in her black lace bra. I pulled off my shirt then she took off her bra. I had never seen real breasts before, and her’s were gorgeous. Pulling her close to me feeling them against my chest was awesome. I reached down to feel them, her moaning as I played with her nipples. She laid down and I kissed her down her chest and sucked them, and she was in heaven.

My erecton was starting to hurt as it was pushing against my jeans and she said, “let’s take the next step,” and we both pulled down our jeans, and our underwear, then my erection popped up. She said “wow, it’s so big” then before I could ask, she pulled out some condoms from the bottom of her nightstand and reached down to put one on me.

Then she lay down on the bed and I climbed on top of her and went to penetrate and she said “You missed” and be both started giggling. She then reached down and grabbed my penis and guided me in. I felt incredible, even with a condom. I then started thrusting and she started moaning saying things like “that feels incredible” and “don’t stop.” I kept it up for a while, with her arms and legs around me. She started to gasp and shake and I felt her pussy squeezing me. She was having an orgasm and she said to me to go faster. I had and she moaned with each thrust. Finally, I climaxed too and it was awesome. She told me to hold the condom as I pulled out so it wouldn’t spill, and I rolled off her on to my back, and she rolled over next to me resting her head on my chest and told me it was fabulous.

It wasn’t our last time together in her bedroom, and as we went along, it got better each time. Prom night with Tanya in a hotel room was particularly awesome, but that’s another story. I’m happy her mom was so open minded, so we didn’t have to sneak around or worry about getting caught, which allowed us to really enjoy it.

Tanya and I parted after graduation when I went off to college and lost touch. When I moved back home several years later, we met again by chance at a shopping mall. We started dating again and the sex was as good as ever. We’re now happily married and the sex is still awesome and gets better all the time. I hope others are as lucky as I am and have someone like Tanya.

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