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Age when it happend: 15
Where it happened: locker room
Langauge: English
Sex: Female
Rating: 1
Category: Straight

I knew this guy who was in several of my classes in School and i thought he was so cite.i asked a few of his friends if he was seeing any girl at the moment and was told no.I set out to get hooked up with him and see what would happen.I am a white girl and he was the cuteset black guy I had ever seen.I was at this birthdayparty for a girl friend from School and then he walked in the room.I was talking to the birthday girl and she saw that i was looking at this guy.She told me to go for it and if i wanted to use her room I could just let her know and she would get everyone outside so we could be alone and all.I said he don’t even know i am alive but she said he did cause he had asked about me to other people.I told her I had never “fucked” before and was stilla virgin and heard that it hurts the first time a girl did it.she told me to get a rubber from her closet in a shoe box and she would tell him there was someone who wanted to get laid and he had been chosen as the one to do thedeed.I loved the idea so i went into the roon and got a rubber then went in to tell her i was ready.She told me that he was in the bedroom and in the bed with the lites turned off.i went into the room and crawled on the bed and felt him reach out and puthis hands between my legs.when he put his finger on my clit I about died…it felt so good. I felt between his legs and found that he was hard and really very well endowed in the cock area. after he had fingered me about 10 minutes and i was really wet he got on top of me and bega to put the headof his cock into me.it was a little painful when he hit my hymen but hesoon pushed all the way into me.we screwed for about 20 inutes till he came in me…..the rubber was not used but when he left the room another guy came in and saw me laying on the bed and he asked if i wanted to screw?
I was still horney si I said to come on…he wasn’t as big as thefurst guy buy he had staying power. thank goodness i didn’t get pregnant bu ti still get laid by the first guy to take me pussy.
Thanks Toby I will always remember you OXOXOX

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