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Tammy and Bill

Age when it happend: 13
Where it happened: Under a tree
Langauge: English
Sex: Female
Rating: 1
Category: Straight

I lost my virginity a while back to Bill. The way it happened was I was walking back from my horse pasture to my cow pasture here at my family farm. Bill came by on his horse bare back and offered me a ride which would save me a good 40 minutes walking. As we cantered along he held me close and got all worked up. We slowed down and had to duck to keep tree branches from hitting us on his tall horse. Well as we did one of his hands was on my Titty and the other was in my crotch of my elastic hooter shorts. I held the reigns. Billy I don’t want you grabbing my girly parts.He didn’t remove his hands so I pulled his hand out of my tank top and he put that in my crotch with the other one . B-I-l-l-y !! He pulled me in to him and I dropped the reigns and with both my small arms attempted to pull his hands away from my crotch . Ginger began to run and was bouncing and Billys hands now had a lock hold between my legs . With a voice command Billy stopped her and I could not stop Billy or his fingers from giving my crotch a good rub down. It was a game at first and I was snickering as Billy kept the upper hand. Tammy I was thinking . With your dick head , nothing else on you has a brain. No I was thinking how nice it would be for me to get your cherry. Billy you not even my boy friend! You can’t have my cherry. With that his lef hand pulled back the elastic on my orange hooter shorts and his right hand dove under my pants . I would of put my legs together except for Ginger the horse was there. Tell your Mom you lost your cherry horse back riding he laughed. His russin hands and roman fingers were inching there way in conquest. It had been a while since I had shaved down there and his fingers were pulling hair as a finger found my clit. Instead of plowing a finger in me , my clit came under attack. With both of my hands on his outer left hand pulling back hard I got a good hold on his middle finger and bent it back. At the same time his right hand middle finger had a open door to my cherry and that is where it slid , pulling out a few pubic hairs on it way. Truce I yelled as I took his finger to his elbow. Yeoww Billy yelled and his right finger pulled in to me. I let out a huge scream and cranked is finger on back. My cherry held on as his finger went in more and more. I raised up off the horse if that is possible with out stirrups . Billy all at once folded and with his right hand rescued his finger. Quickly I jumpped off Ginger took a few steps pulling down my hooter shorts and adjusting my underpants which had a big wet spot. It’s my cherry I been saving it Billy , it’s not yours. I pulled my hooter shorts up started walking to my house. I was talking at school Tammy and there ain’t many cherrys left in the school. You ain’t getting away this easy. I heard Ginger gallup behind me and as I turned around Bill was taking off his shirt as she came up to me. He never was a quitter . Guess it was down to a fight between neighbors. With one strong arm he picked me up and I was gut down on ginger’s withers. Totally helpless I was trotted up to a spreading oak tree on a hill and carried like a potatoe sack to the deep soft grass. It’s for my wedding night I demanded . It’s for me right now and I am so thankful. Tammy you will like it so much we are going to do it every chance we get. I don’t want it with you , you bone head. Yes you do ! I am pretty good . Who says ?Liz Rubinstein says so. I was hurt Lis is my friend and she never told me about Bill. Have her tell you how wonderful it was. I felt my mouth open and I gazed off into space at the news. Bill pulled my tube top down to my hips and I realized what he was doing. She has the pinkest little nipples surrounded by a large breast for a 6 th grader . His strong arm was around my little waist . You have very dark big nipples and he muzzled my big nipples and my feet were off the ground as he sucked on me. I had no idea how to prepare for the feelings that just ran through me. See I can tell you like it. No I don’t let me down . My body was saying yes suck my titty more. Liz never had a dick untill me , but she wasn’t cherry. Bill Henry get on your horse and go home. He set me down and I rammed my knee in his groin twice like my daddy taught me. I turned and ran pulling my tube top up as I ran. The thunder of ginger’s hooves and the big arm and I was turned around once more bouncing on my gut on her withers headed for the tree . Bill called Liz on the phone . She is a fighter like you said. Also she kneed me like you said. You OK Bill? I was ready. Where is she ? Belly down on Ginger . Take her cherry so we can have a threesome. Liz NO! Put me on speaker .Get over it Tammy it’s a flap of skin don’t make a big deal of it. She hung up. Bill ran his hand up my crotch trying to turn me on through my shorts. The gut bouncing was the killer for me. Let’s make this nice Tammy . I saw my dads truck off in the distance and the dust that followed. Bill had my hooters shorts comming down the my tube top, then shorts so i was uncovered at my hips and Bill was sitting on my face and arms . His strong arms made my legs do the splits and he started eating me. My last defence was I tried to bite his balls but there was something hard there. His nose and toungue and lips . I was now his and cumming for the first time. Don’t take my cherry ! Please just lick and kiss. I was spreading wide for Billy now . Please don’t take my cherry. I saw his pants come off and the protective sports cup he was wearing . Please let me keep my cherry. His big dick was unleashed from his suporter. It looked so big. They all do I guess first time. With both hands on my nipples his hips touched mine and I opened my legs as far as they would go. Please don’t take my cherry ! Promise? His dick dripping clear precum ran up my slit picking up my wetness.Taste the dick that will take your virginity. I kissed and sucked and Bill said that’s enough. He squeezed my tittys so nice and his circumcised dick teased me what seemed like forever. I don’t love you! I won’t marry you! Just because I’m a virgin. Don’t forget your the prettiest girl in the 7 th grade said Bill . He had me distracted for a second that’s what wanted. I was just about to say you really think so. His hips changed position and plunged my way sending his penis right through my tender cherry. I wrenched in pain as he quickly pulled out. In two seconds he opened me to check his handy work. I never fingered my self but I knew I was septate By looking and I figured Bill would want the other half of my cherry. Bill went back in the same side and oh the pain. Tammy stop crying you are going to like this as soon as things get the right size. He lay on me going slow and deeper and he had a tissue and patted my eyes . I always thought young 16 year old boys always came fast . Bill did not . He fucked me long and slow trying to be tender. It just hurt like crazy the whole time. I wanted him to pull out and go home. It took forever but he said I am going to come in you. No please Billy come in my mouth. Ok I will he said, but he didn’t I felt him come in me. No you are crazy why ? So you could have a real experience. He pulled out got on his horse and rode away. I lay there mad at my self , mad at Bill , mad at Liz. I hated it.

I hated it .

Three more times he caught me in the field and we fucked . It was useless to resist. Every time he came in me and some how I never got pregnant though everytime I missed a period. I never liked it from him and Liz and I never did a threesome.

The real cool part is I had a septate cherry . I had two sides with a tuff seperator in the middle. I pulled Bill to the same side and he never got the other side. I am writing this saying last night my new boy friend asked me if I was a virgin.
Yes I lied , well I said if you take my cherry I wont be . I guided him to the other side and he plunged right through and it hurt just as bad as when Bill did it . We made love four times and he never came with out a condom in me. My new boyfriend was so proud . I cut the septate with sizzors this morning to get it out of the way. One more thing
I loved it.

This is my story

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