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Age when it happend: 18
Where it happened: Frat House
Langauge: English
Sex: Female
Rating: 9
Category: Straight

It was in my freshman year of college. About two months in to the first semester I had gotten in to the fraternity party group and it was an every Friday night thing. There were four of us girls who always went together to protect each other not only from the guys but from our own hormones. On this particular evening we were at one of the houses and things were really getting wild. It was an exceptionally warm evening and everyone was drinking pretty heavy. Around midnight two of my friends decided to go back to the dorm, but my other friend and I wanted to stay longer so they went on and we stayed. I guess the booze and the heat were really acting on the whole group and about an hour or so later things started getting hot and heavy on sex talk. Next thing I knew my friend was going up the stairs with a huck and I was left alone. The crowd keep getting smaller and smaller as couples made their ways to rooms or left the party to go home. I decided that it was time to go but I was not going to leave my friend there so I just decided I would go up and look for her. I started looking in each of the rooms and got a little embarrassed by the things I was seeing but continued looking for my friend. I opened the next door and to my surprise there she was in bed with the guy she had disappeared with. I quickly said excuse me and started to shut the door but she told me to come in. Well, I was totally embarrassed. But, again I was not going to leave her there. I went in and she said “this is great, want’a try it”. I told her we had better go and the guy said to relax and have some fun. I had never come close to going all the way and really was very uncomfortable with the situation. I had done some very heavy petting at times but had never gone any further than letting a guy put his hand in my panties, but not even put a finger in. My friend pulled the covers down and there they were completely naked and he was still in her. They kind of giggled and started going at it again until he stiffened up and let go and she let out with a big moan. She looked up and said ” come on, give it a whirl” and the guy got up and started unzipping my dress. Before I could say anything he had my dress on the floor and me on the bed. My friend was cheering and the guy was playing with my boobs and then he put a hand in my panties and with one smooth move his fingers went in my pussy. It didn’t take long for it to get pretty wet and my friend was encouraging me and the guy to get it on. Then he stood up and turned me over on my stomach and told me to get on my knees. I thought he was wanting me to get on top of him, so I did. Boy…what a surprise. As soon as I was on my knees he slid himself in my pussy from behind doggy style and started sliding himself in and out and my friend got excited and started playing with my boobs. Needless to say, there was no stopping at that point and since he had just done her he had staying power to spare. My whole body was tingling with excitement with both of them working on me and after about 10 minute of pure p;easure I finally felt him coming in me. After he finished he ask my friend if he could do her again and after a few minutes rest they went to it again. I got up and started to the bathroom and he if he got me again and I told him once was enough for my first time. After he finished with my friend again she got dressed and we went back to our dorm and talked about our experience. The next day my nerves were shot and I was deathly ill from what I figured was the booze and excitement. A few weeks later however I realized I was several days late with my period. Days became weeks and I knew I had gotten pregnant. I went back to the Frat House ( we had avoided it after that night) and when I ask about the guy they told me he was a local high school guy who came to their parties sometime. He was all of 16!!! I didn’t bother to go any further with that and decided to have an abortion a few weeks later.

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