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Age when it happend: 15
Where it happened: His House
Langauge: English
Sex: Female
Rating: 7
Category: Straight

Well, I was 15 1/2, and he was 14 3/4. Pretty close ages and we were pretty much physically the same.

Anyway, we had a friendly relationship, and we were going over to each others places almost every week. We went to the same school too so we could talk during the day as well.

So we were seeing each other, and out parents were OK with this too, and we LIKED each other at this point. We were just really good friends. Then one day, during sex ed, i looked across the room and saw him staring at me, really interested in me and smiling. Afterwards we were talking, and I was feeling really hot and wet in the pants beacause of the Sex video we had just seen. We went into the bathroom, (the girls bathroom) and started to try and kiss. We didnt get very far, but he had a really big lump in his pants, which by this time I knew this was his cock(I had seen some pornos with the girls! ;). I was so hot and wet by this point, but we were interrupted by another girl in the cubicle next to us. We snuck out and went back to class, and sat next to each other. I snuck feels of his cock and he was bursting with exitement at the feeling. He was rubbing my box too, and it felt pretty nice, although he was just rubbing my lips and a little of my clit. It felt good anyway.

After school, we went to his place, and his parents were there. But they were going out to a meeting/dinner and it was like 4 pm. they would be back at about 10, Tim had his orders and was instructed to be in bed before they came back. He said, rather cheekly, that hed be in bed long before they came back, and I giggled when he said this. Luckily his parents didnt notice this, otherwise they may have suspected something!

When they left, we turned off the TV and went upstairs. we did it just as the video had shown us, but with some made up stuff in the middle 😉 keep in mind the video was just a like dry hump vid, purely educational. Not anyway near the porn stuff us girls chug out nowadays :-. Anyway, we walked into the room and he turned to me. I was squeling with anticipation, and I could feel my box squelching in my knickers. He wasnt very subtle and took off his shirt and pants, but left his undies on. I took off my shirt and skirt, but left my bra and knickers on. He walked to me, and started to kiss me, much better than before. He said he had never had sex before or come, and I said, HONESTLY!, that i hadnt either. This mad him smile and I smiled too. He held me tight and started to pull off his pants, and rubbed his dick on my knickers. He then went down on his knees and saw my panties. He remarked that they were wet and I accidentaly moaned! He took this in hand and pulled my knickers all the way down. Then he pushed me onto the bed and started to lick my pussy. (ill call it pussy now, for my own sexual purposes :D)anyway, i was coming with anticipation and I began to fancy the thought of sucking his cock xD! He was almost about to get me off for the first time by then so I didnt stop him untill I cam in his mouth. He licked up my juice and I lay there in a sweaty pile, ready for more. It was an amazing Orgasm, and Ive only got the equivulant when he began to root me afterwards. After I came, I stood up, wobbly, and squeezed my pussy. It squelched and I accidentaly did a fanny fart. He didnt care one bit so we continued…

His cock was so hard, I had trouble getting it in my mouth with my teeth hitting it, which I have to say is a tricky job! He kept telling me “no teeth” and I obeyed. After a while, my neck go tired and I got on top of him, which didnt really work as I fell off when trying to get his cock in without it hurting me! And I can tell you it does hurt a lot when your hyem in broken girls, it really does, but afterwards, its great and it never hurts again. also the blood is just normal, even though i freaked out when he broke it, but I got over it and just fucked him to death. Guys must get so much pleasure out of sex because Tim was just in heaven. To break my hymen, we lay in the spooning position, and he pushed his cock inside me really hard because I said it hurt. This is a good idea for the guys out there. Just stuff it in there even if we say it hurts, we’ll thank you for it afterwards anyway! 😉

Once my skin was broken, and I wiped the blood away and a tear away, he started to suck my nipples. Not to brag, but i did have pretty big boobs at that age, and it felt soo nice, especially when he kneeded them. Soo nice. Anyway, we had sex standing up, lying down, and funnily enough upside down, so my regret. Boys really pump your pussy, and lying on your neck is not a good idea i can tell you know! But anyway I sat on his cock when we were sitting in his mums big comfy chair, (oh yeah btw we did this in his parents room!! we we’re freaked they’d fine sperm on the seat but they didnt… sorry Barbara!! :O) and I kissed his neck while I was pumping up and down on his cock and he loved it. (it is the best position i have ever used, I recommend it!) Then he said he was gonna come! So i got onto my knees and started to suck his balls, which was disgusting, because they were all salty, but i did it anway, beacause they were moving and they made me feel sexy as! He began to moan, and i responded by moaning and taking his cock in my pussy where he came with the strengh of a million billion horses! My pussy was literally filled to bursting, and it felt great. We just sat there with my boobs in his face in a sweaty panting pile. I think we almost fell asleep, but then I realised that his parents would be home in an hour and I didnt know how long it would take to hide the evidence! So i did the dumbest thing possible with a full pussy, I stood up, and squeezed cum all over the place. Now the chair, my legs, my clit and Tims legs were covered in cum, and Tim was still climaxing! We had a mess to clean up, and later at night, after I had gived Tim the kiss of a lifetime before going, and in bed, I put my fingers in my own pussy, (which I had never done before, and do regularly now) and pulled out some cum (which there was a lot of i can tell you) because I was interested, and tasted it. It tasted all salty and weird, like nothing i had ever tasted before. I wreched and almost threw up, but im glad I tried it. Me and Tim had sex a lot more after this, even more steamy and adventurous than before, and for my 18th birthday, he bought me a vibrator/dildo pack, and we experimented with it the rest of the night when all the guests had gone! I love sex, and encourage it above everything else. Love you Tim and you world.

Tammy 😀

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