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Talk Went From Sperm to Cum

Age when it happend: 16
Where it happened: girlfriend's house
Sex: Male
Rating: 3
Category: Straight

This is about the first time I got a handjob from a girl. I was 16 and over at my girlfriend’s house. She had a girlfriend of hers over that afternoon. We were setting around talking about sex and what we had been learning at school about reproduction. Our conversation turned to sperm. We went to talking aout this and this was when my girlfriend’s friend brought up the word “cum” referring to sperm.

We all sort of laughed about this and that new word. Then, our conversation went to talking about cum instead of sperm. The two girls started asking what it looks like (cum). I was trying to explain it to them. Then, the girlfriend brought up my showing them what it looked like. This immediately aroused me. Just the idea of showing a girl something like this was too much. I got one heck of a boner about this time. Then, both girls started in on me wanting to see my cum. We were all alone and no one was due home for over an hour and what boy wouldn’t want to do something like this with a girl. So, I said I’d do it.

What a thrill it was taking my pants off in front of these two girls. I was about to show my “private parts” to a girl (in fact, TWO girls) for the first time. I then pulled off my shorts. I stood there in front of them showing them my erect cock. It was literally jumping with excitment. The girls were all eyes. Then, the girlfriend ask “Can I touch it”? I said yes to her and she gently put her hand on it. Soon afterwards, my girlfriend also touched it. It felt so good having these girls touch it like this. I then showed them how to hold it to make me go off. Both of them went to stroking me and it didn’t take very long at all and they got to see what cum looked and felt like for the first time. I came like never before for them. They were both amazed at how it shot out of my cock. They could both easily tell how good it felt to me when I released it.

This was just the start. I’ll have to write about the other first times another time.

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