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Syeamy windows

Age when it happend: 14
Where it happened: boyfriend's car
Langauge: English
Sex: Male
Rating: 7
Category: Straight

my boyfriend at the time and i had planned to fuck. he planned to pick me up down the road from my house since my dad had forbid me to see him, and his friend had to come along. wel drove out to a lock and dam and his friend left so it was jst he and i. he ws scared, but i wasn’t, i just wanted to get it over with. he slowly stripped me and himslef and picked me up and put me on his dick, i loved it, and i didn’t even bleed. i had four to five orgasms that night. on the way home i gave him a blowjob while he was driving and he almost went off the road, and his friend was laughing and my boyfriend said “do you want to have her too?” and his friend said “sure, why not” so i did as my man told and fucked his friend on the side of the road (bare naked) and then my boyfriend i guess got jealous and made us get in the car and we drove to a near motel (he was 18, he could rent it) and they made me have a threesome with the both of them. the most to say, we used protection. i have recently quit seeing him and i haven’t had sex for about 1 year and a half, because i see how much of a whore i looked like.

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