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Age when it happend: 18
Where it happened: ex's house
Langauge: English
Sex: Female
Rating: 7
Category: Straight

Elton and i have been dating for two months before we broke up.i initiated it.and he had to let me go…i knew he was devastated because i knew he loved me more than anything else in this world.but i just wasn’t in love with him.i told him we could still be friends and i really mad the effort so that we still remain friends.

then, about two months after the break up i went out with another guy,Samson, which was his best friend. that time i was so in love with samson.he was the one who introduced me to the wonderful world of sex but we had never had intercourse before.he loved me too much to let me lose my virginity before we got married.

he taught me what blowjobs, handjobs,fingerings and everything else except penetration. The first time samson and i had our sexual encounter was at his house.his parents was away and we used the house to maximum.he kissed me so passionately as his hands worked their magic on my body.he started fondling my little breasts.

it felt so good i moaned evrytime he squeezed it.but i was yet to feel the best.slowly,he moved his hands down to my lower part of the body where no one has ever been before.i was swept away by lust that i felt no fear.for a guy, his fingers were so soft.among all the guys i have had sex with, samson gave me the best fingering.he knew just how much pressure to apply, which spot to target(which was the clitoris)and how to stroke it.ahh..

it was heaven..then he asked me to take his pants off,exposing his penis.it was a small one,i can say.and i placed it into my mouth and sucked hard.he was moaning.i knew i was doing the right thing.after 5 minutes or so, he cummed.into my mouth.i gagged but swolled it anyway.it tasted awful.an that was the furthest samson and i went.a few months passed by.

Elton and i got in touch again.this time he got a new gf already.he smsed me to ask me how is it to satisfy a girl.so i gave him the details.we kept talking about sex until after one week we decided we couldn’t stand it anymore.i knew he wanted me badly.so one night,he came to my house and fetched me to someplace secluded in our housing area.he did exactly what i told him before and he did extra!

i was about to have a taste of the ultimate…his head reached to my vagina.he kissed my clitoris so tenderly and his tongue worked his magic..he licked my wet vagina,then inserted his tongue inside..oooh!!i felt i was in heaven!he licked me long enugh till i felt such intense pleasure-my body was shaking so violently.i knew i was having an orgasm.whoa!!

he was the first one who made me feel that way.we went along like this for a couple of times more.we knew we were cheating on our other halves but the lust was more powerful than the love we had for our other halves.then the day came.it was at his house.it was empty as his parents were on vacation.we did the usual foreplay.i didn’t see it coming.as i was having so much pleasure, he suddenly said,”you ready for it?” It was like he suddenly popped my bubble.i looked at him and i said, “will you be responsible if anythig happens?” he said,”don’t worry, i have protection.”

my heart was pounding fast that time.afte a few seconds i relented.he quickly opened a packet of condom and slipped it ono his large penis(he had the biggest one)he did some more fingering then the moment came.i was facing him..i guided his large penis to my vulva and slowly he inserted it into my vagina.i couldn’t believe

Elton was the one who took my virginity instead of Samson.the sensation was so painful as his penis was so large.i shouted and asked him to stop but he continued forcing it in.this time it was more like him raping me.i struggled for him to let me go.the more i move the more painful it became.he pinned my arms down.the thought of him forcing me was making him more aggressive!

and i was in such intense pain.he continued humping on me.i screamed and shouted for him to let me go.i was in tears.i begged him.he continued to satisfy his beastly urge.after a long time i felt, he came.and he laid down beside me after giving me a grateful kiss.

i took a look down my vagina and it was covered in blood!he broke my hymen.then we went to the shower to wash up..i was in tears.he didn’t say anything.i knew he felt guilty.then he sent me home…that was that.but then we did it a few more times.everytime we felt like it.

i never did it with samson and i broke up with him a few months later.

now i am with another boyfriend i met in a camp.his name is David.we have great sex together as both of us are eperienced and i love him so very much.he does everything to satisfy me.and we plan to get married after i graduate.

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