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Swimming Lesson

Age when it happend: 15
Where it happened: hotel
Langauge: English
Sex: Female
Rating: 10
Category: Straight

I was fifteen and never managed to learn to swim. My mother kept telling me that I should learn but I had had a nasty experience when I was seven and I was reluctant to go near a pool at any time. My mother saw an hotel in Devon were they taught swimming even to people like me who were terrified. I called them and I booked a weeks holiday with them (my Mother paid). I traveled down by train and arrived on the Saturday evening at the hotel there was about ten people staying and from the conversation none of us could swim. All the guest were older than me but they all made me feel really welcome and a part of the group. On the first day of lessons we were split into two groups of five my group consisted two women in there fifties another woman in her thirties and this guy called Robert who was in his thirties and me. The lessons lasted about 30 mins. by he end on the first lesson Robert and I were obviously the worst of the group and between the lesson we sat together and gave each other morel support. Over the next few days we started to make progress and on the Wednesday we had a free afternoon. Most of the group had cars so they went off for the afternoon I was going to spend the afternoon in the hotel when Robert asked me if I would like to go to Exeter with him. I was pleased that he had asked me we took his car and drove to Exeter it was a warn day and we spent the afternoon wandering around looking at the shops and getting something to eat Robert was a really nice guy and he treated me like an adult. We drove back to the hotel singing along with the music on the radio. Over the next two days we managed to learn to swim and we were both pleased. It was our last evening in the hotel a few of the other guest had left early and in the restaurant Robert and I had a table to ourselves we ordered dinner and had a very pleasant evening. After dinner we went for a walk to the local village I had dressed up for the evening and with my make up and red dress I looked a lot older than I really was. We stopped at the village pub and Robert asked me I would like a glass of wine I had drunk wine before so I said Ok. We sat in the pub for about an hour just the two of us together in the corner. I was really enjoying being with Robert It was closing time so we left the pub and walked back to the hotel the moon was high in the sky as we walked along the country lane hand in hand. Just before we reached the hotel I kissed Robert and thanked him for being there when I needed someone. Robert kissed me and held me close I felt wonderful. We got back to the hotel and had coffee in the lounge there was a few of the other guest there Robert and I looked at each other and I wished that we were on our own. It was now getting late we walked upstairs and as we parted Robert kissed me and said good night. I went into my room alone and laid on the bed thinking how much I had enjoyed being kissed by Robert. After about half an of being on my own I called Roberts room I asked him what he was doing he said he was reading I told him I was missing him and asked if he would like to come to my room. A few minuets later Robert tapped on my door. He came in and we kissed closing the door behind him. The rooms were small but each had a double bed and a rather romantic charm about them. Robert sat in the chair and I sat on his lap with my arms around him we slowly kissed and I felt Roberts hand on my breast and then on my leg it felt so natural. I got up and Robert followed holding me close kissing me and undoing my dress he gently removed my dress and the gently undressed me removing my bra and panties then laid me on the bed. Although I was nervous It felt so right Robert joined me on the bed his body was hairy and his penis looked big and hard. We explored each other bodies my nipples were hard from Robert kissing them and although my breast were small (32A) the sensation was fantastic Robert attention moved to my pussy his hands gently rubbed me and my legs opened I felt his fingers touching me and the pleasure surged through me I then felt his finger going into me It hurt a little but was Ok then he put two fingers into me this hurt I was now really wet down there. Robert asked me if I was alright I said I was he positioned himself between my thighs then came down on me pushing his penis into me It hurt but Robert took it slowly before long he was fully inside me then he started to thrust into me The sensation was not what I had expected after a while we were both moaning and I felt Robert come then collapsed on top he pulled out and we lay together on the bed. Robert was really kind we cuddle together and before long we were kissing Robert asked me if I wanted to do it again I said I did Robert reached for his trousers and took out a small pack opened it with his teeth it was a condom Robert put the condom on I lay beside him expecting a repeat performance but Robert got me to go on top I sat astride of him help his penis and slip my body down on him. I moved up and down on him he held my breast we did it again before we fell asleep. We were awoken by the noise of the other guest going down for breakfast Robert returned to his room I showered and tidied the room the bed was a mess I must have bled at some time and there were stains all over the sheets. I packed my bag and went down for breakfast. We sat together for breakfast, after breakfast we checked out Robert gave me a lift to the station we kissed good by and I caught my train home. Mum met me at the station and asked how I had got on, I told here I could now swim but did not tell her anything about Robert. When I returned to school I told my friend Kirsty about Robert she was really shocked that I had slept with this older guy.

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