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Sweet sister-in-law Part II

Age when it happend: 25
Where it happened: Parent's house
Langauge: English
Sex: Male
Rating: 1
Category: Straight


I quickly settled down and went on with my carpentry work. Sam talk to me for a while and later Annie went out with him for lunch.

It was about an hour later when Annie came home. She was wearing a white blouse. I just could not stand seeing her full breasts.

I quickly embrace her once she entered the door.

“No..we should try to stop fooling around” She said trying to push me away.

I held her tight and my lips found her neck. “No way..Annie…oh…I want to fuck you even more…” I was going crazy as my lips hungrily kissing and licking her neck. “I’m sure you love the way I fuck your pussy..” Talking dirty to her had always been my fantasy, now I can really do it. My lips found her mouth and kiss her hard hungrily sucking her tongue. My hands did not show mercy on her boobs. Through the blouse, I squzzed hard making her moan.

My hands start to unbotton her blouse as I kissed my way down, stopping for a while at her breasts, sucking her nipples like a hungry little baby. Her breasts are driving me wild.


She looked really sexy with her bra straps fell over her shoulder and with her panty. I stand in front of her admire her body as I masturbate myself. After I shot my load and had seen enough, I carried her to her room for a good fuck.

Once inside the room, I psuh her against the mirror while I stand behind her cupping her breasts hard. I removed her panty. I used my hard seven inch rod rubbing her pussy from behind. As I etered her from benind, she gave out a loud moan…”OH..AHHHHHH…..AHH.AHHHH”

Hearing this i start to pound her pussy hard. I love fucking her infront of the mirror while seeing my hands all over her breasts tweaking her hard nipples.


After a few minutes, I turned her around nad let her sit onthe dressing table. The height was just nice for my dick to pound her pussy while my mouth enjoy her two full breasts. After some twenty minutes of fucking and sucking,we were both tire. I pull out from her and make her laid on the bed. i slept beside her. Turning her side way, I bang her from the side.


“AH..AH..AH..AH..AH..AH..AH..AH..AH….AH.HHHHHHAHHHH” Annie was shouting of ecastasy. My hands had never left her boobs.

Finally I came after close to an hour of fucking. Annie had a few orgasm. She was really tire. She laid still while my mouth was roaming around her boobs.

When I was hard again, I slipped my dick in between her boobs, using my both hand squezzed against it, I was tit fucking Annie. This was my first time and it was really exciting. I came and my juice shot to her neck. Annie just gave me a smile. LAter we slept for a few hours.

When we woke up, it was time when they returned. I really want to go for another round and Annie did hint that she wanted to suck my dick, but we were running out of time. Finally I masturbated infront of her while fondling her boobs.

For the next two weeks, we still have time to get together, but could not find a time to taste her sweet beautiful breasts.

Now she was having a holiday with Sam in Canada. I was envy Sam. They might be fucking in one of the hotel right now.

I can’t wait till she came back. This time I really want to fuck her real hard. I really hope to have her sucking my dick..Oh Annie… I have to masturbate now……

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