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sweet sex

Age when it happend: 15
Where it happened: his house
Langauge: English
Sex: Female
Rating: 3
Category: Straight

i love sex…ever since my boyfriend Derrick popped my cherry that day i loved it and we fuck almost 3 times a week now!
that day his parents weren’t home for the weekend and i told my parents that i was sleeping over at a friends house.
we just started kissing and then he started to take off my tank top…and he was massaging my tits, which were quite big and firm.
he started pinching my nipples and sucking on them thru my bra. He took my bra off and by that time i was moaning so loud the neighbours
could probably hear me. I started rubbing his cock thru his jeans and he stopped to unzip it and ask me if i would blow him,
i said “yes”..but I don’t think i was too good, although i made him cum lots, i loved the taste of cum!
he went down on me and he sucked and licked my cunt under my short skirt,after pulling down my lace undies.
he then gave me hand while I gave him hand. He asked if he could stick it in and by that time I was too horny to care. He put on a condom
and he entered me which kinda hurt, but not for long. He rode me really hard and fast and we both were moaning and he was telling me that I
had a really tight pussy.we came at almost the same time and we did it again that weekend on the kitchen table.I love him so much and he’s a really good fucker, I just love the way he licks my clit.

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