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sweat release

Where it happened: dorm room
Langauge: English
Rating: 10
Category: Straight

My father is a pastor, and I grew up in a pretty religious setting. I was a ‘good girl’. I had never done anything more than kiss a guy, and even then, it was only guys that I knew very well. I knew that I could have had sex if I wanted to. I ‘8’, with cute short blonde hair, a slim waist, nice ass and 36DD breasts. I went off to college. For the first couple weeks I drank and partied a lot, but I didn’t hook up with anyone. I had had my eyes on Adrian, this hispanic guy who lived in my dorm, for awhile. He was tall, and skinny. . . funny and sweet. I spent a lot of time with him. We became good friends. One night, when us and all of our friends were quite drunk, we started making out. He kissed me slowly and sweetly . . . but I stopped him because I hadn’t known him for very long. But we decided to be an item. About two weeks later it was his birthday. I had worked very hard and I had knitted him a scarf for his present. He went out with some of his guy friends for his birthday, and I waited for him to return. Around 1am I knocked on his door, and he let me in. I was wearing a tight, low-cut shirt, which my generous breasts were practically falling out of, and tight, black flared pants. We talked for about a half hour, and I was getting nervous because I knew that I was going to give him something special that night. So he said he’d better get to bed and I said that we should. . . and he had this funny smile on his face and asked if I wanted to spend the night in his room. And I said, yes, that I wanted to. He told me to pick out some music, so I put on some Marley. He came over to me and we started kissing slowly. His breath was warm and sweat and he planted kisses all over my face and neck, I was getting shivers all over. He then moved his hands up and cupped my large breasts through my shirt, it was getting so hot I let out a gasp. That turned him on even more and he began kissing me more deeply, I could feel his tongue pulsing in and out of my mouth. He then put both of his hands around my slim waist and slowly tugged my constricting shirt up over my head, revealing my enormous breasts practically popping out of my red lace bra. He flung my shirt onto the floor and stood back for a minute in awe. I pulled him back towards me and unbuttoned his shirt while he planted sweet kisses on my face. He massaged my breasts more through my bra, and I felt the bulge of his penis through his pants, pushing up against my crotch. I wondered what it was going to be like inside me and it tunred me on so much! I turned around and he unhooked my bra slowly, I was standing with my back to him. And as my bra slid down to the floor he brought his large hands around and to cupped my large breasts. They overflowed his hands, and he kneeded them and massaged them while kissing my slender shoulders. I felt his warm chest against my back. He turned me around and led me to the bed. We sat down and he began to sick my nipples, they were erect and I ran my fingers through his hair as his tongue teased and sucked on my nipples. And then he began to gently bite my nipples throwing me into ecstacy. He then ran his hands down to my pants and massaged my clit through my pants. I was getting wetter and wetter.
He then unbuttoned my pants and I lifted my ass so he could slide them off. I was wearing red satin panties that were soaked through the crotch. he gently slid his hand down into them, through my pubic hair and down to my dripping lips. He slid his middle finger up and down my slit and I began to moan, rocking my pelvis back and forth with his finger. Then slowly, gently he slid his finger up into my vagina about an inch. It felt so good, but my hymen was intact, so he couldn’t go up any further. by now I was so turned on. I leaned forward and unbuttoned his pants, and he took them off. I could see his erection through his boxer breifs. I was so turned on, I had never seen a penis before. I pulled his boxer briefs down and his 8 inch penis popped out. It thick, and engorged. The skin was slippery, as he was uncircumcised. I wasn’t quite sure what to do. So I put my hands on it and he moaned softly as I ran my hands up and down his shaft. Then I slowly lowered my mouth to the head of his penis, licking and sicking slowly as he moaned gratefully. I held his balls in my hand, massaging them gently. Feeling more courageous, I tried to take his member all the way into my mouth, but It was so long. He bucked his hips, feeling my warm mouth around his pulsing member. He was tousling my hair, and he pulled gently on it, and I knew he getting close. So I pulled my mouth away and laid beside him on the bed, still gently stroking his penis. He told me I was amazing, and started to kiss me. He knew I was a virgin and didn’t want to go all the way unless I really loved the person, so he didn’t expect me to have sex with him. But I told him that I was ready. At first he told me I wasn’t, but I said that I really was. He then kissed me even more deeply and slid his hand back down to my wet lips, massaging then intensely when I was soaked through, I told him I needed to feel him inside of me. He told me that my hymen was still intact and that it would be really painful, and that I might bleed. I said that I loved him and it would be worth the pain. I was so turned on, I really wanted to feeling him inside of me. So he got below me and I straddled my legs above him. He sucked hard on my nipples and told me to come down onto him slowly. He put his hands on my hips to help lower me down. I felt the head of his penis caressing my pussy lips, and contracted back up for a . But he whispered that it was okay. So I lowered myself back down to his thick cock. It burned as it went in about an inch, but It hurt and I started to cry. He pulled on my hips to try and break the hymen, but I just cried harder. He then kissed me softly and told me to just take it slowly. I sniffeled and lifted my body back up to try again. This time he pulled harder on my hips as I lowered my self back down. I felt his thick cock tight against my pussy lips, and then pushing against the walls of my pussy, I bit my lip and cried harder, and let out a scream as my hymen burst and he slowly me me onto his cock. It burned so bad and he said that I was soo tight. I felt blood rushing out of me. My vagina was burning and I felt like he was going to tear me to shreds. I rested on top of him, crying softly, and he asked if I wanted to go on. And I said yes. Slowly he began to rhythmically grind in and out of me. Little by little at first. And it still hurt, but it began to feel better and better. He was sucking my huge tits harder and I moaned in excitement as ne nibbled them. He then flipped me onto my back and began to grind harder and harder, and it hurt more and more, but the pain began to feel good and I felt my clit growing harder and harder. By then he was thrusting HARD, and he was pushing all the way into me and I started to whimper as my orgasm built. He started to moan and then scream as he slammed his cock into my burning hot, tight pussy. We came together as he spent himself, it seemed to last forever. Then he slowed down and grinded slowly until my orgasm had finished. He kissed me sweetly and pulled out, and I selpt that night in his arms.

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