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Summer camp sex

Age when it happend: 14
Where it happened: Summer Camp shower room
Langauge: english
Sex: Male
Rating: 1
Category: Straight

So We wereAt summer camp.It was the last year I was able to go as a normal camper and not a CIT,so I had trid to make it an enjoyable week.I became attracted to a girl named Haley over the week.We had snuk out of our cabins sevral nights and kissed in the forest.My friend,Aron,dared me to To go in the bathroom while she was changing in thereOn the next to last day.I took the dare and that same day, I went in the Girls bathroom while she was showering.She was the only one inside,cleaning up after getting Dirty on a hike with her cabin.She had thought all week I’d try to pull this off,so she wasn’t surprised when I entered.to cover me up,I hung the ‘Closed For Cleaning’ Sign on the door handle.She came out of the shower too see me,only wearing a bra and panties. “You made a brave move,coming in here” She said,walking up to me,wet. “I love bold boys” She said,Kissing me on the cheek.It was getting hot.We kissed on the lips.tounges tangling.”We’ve only known each other for a week,But I’m still attracted to you” I said. “Me too” She replied.Then she grabbed my shirt and took it off.I rubbed her boobs thrugh herbra,Then threw it off her and stared in awe at her exposed breasts.
“Another bold move” She said,not seeming surprised.We continued kissing,Me grabbing her nipples,her grabbing at my erect penis.I took off my pants only down to the ankles so I could dress quickly,she removed her panties.I stared at the first girl my age I’d seen naked.I touched her groin,she groaned in pleasure,pulling my underwear down to my ankles.I laid on top of her on a bench on one of the shower stalls after putting on a condom I stole from my 16 year old brother.I entered her,We couldn’t get as much out of it as we were afraid of falling off the small bench onto the hard concrete floor.after 5 minutes we re-dressed and I managed to sneak out of the girls restroom.The firsy and only person I told was Aron.We are 21,Engaged and still relish the memory of that day.

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