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sugar shack with an amish girl

Age when it happend: 11
Where it happened: uncles sugar shack
Langauge: english
Sex: Male
Rating: 6
Category: Straight

We got Amish neighbors in the late 60’s. They bought Syrup from my folks and My mother always did the selling at the sugar shack some two miles walk in the woods every February.
Well One week Mom was sick and so I pulled double duty I would cook and sell the sugar Maple syrup. The one young lady who came over could not speak English only some Dutch and German. I tried for ten minutes to communicate with her at my ripe old age of Eleven. I kept shaking my head and laugh and tried to even repeat what she said. She was confused and bit her finger and paced back and forth and looked me in the eye and I said it twenty one dollars and seventy five cents mam and that is final in my best Vermont twang. She in a slight bit of anger or disgust untied her bonnet and slapped it on the table to my surprise. My mouth was wide open and I was puzzled at this open emotion from this emotionless group of people. She walked to the door of the sugar shack locked the dead bolt and closed the curtain to the only window. I was ready for a beating as she was a hard worker and surely 150 pounds and 5 foot 7 inches. I was 90 pounds wet and 5 foot 1 inch at best back then. Well she hiked up her long dress and put her foot on the only chair in front of me and untied her shoe. I am really freaking out in my head right now but my body was in shock and frozen. she pulled off her shoe and this sock that was all of 4 feet long. I looked at her face but she never looked up. What the hell are you doing? I finally said as she finished the other sock. Her left hand slapped my face so hard I saw stars and both my ears were ringing I was looking up at the ceiling still on my feet wondering where I was, and kind of tip toeing like a ballerina. When I started to focus and my head stopped spinning all her things were folded on the sale table and she was bare naked right in front of me with a stern look on her face. I was amazed how beautiful a woman could be She turned around and showed me every part of her. Then she went to the desk and grabbed a paper clip and bent it to a ring and placed it on my left hand ring finger. This is where reality hit me. Do you think I asked you to marry me? She smiled and nodded. She knelt down and started praying, Out of respect I bowed my head and placed my hand on her head to steady my self cause when I closed my eyes my head was still spinning.
Just so everyone knows a sugar shack has a bed because some one has to tend the cooker all night and all day. I was only three feet from it and blocking my exit was a very strong very white skinned red head. Who was I kidding I just learned what sex was last year. There in front of me is a beautiful seventeen year old girl on her knees ready to go all the way, I hope . I had just started masturbating every day maybe a month ago. I was sure it would happen some day but never thought it would happen until I was a lot older. She uncomfortably kissed my mouth and she went to the floor and untied my boots and took them off . Then my sox came off. She stood up and had a real hard time with my buttons on my shirt. She pulled my shirt back and smiled and patted my flat chest. She sat on the bed spun me around looked up at me then focused on my jeans snap and zipper which she zipped a bunch a times then she pulled them down. Finally my briefs and there was my Eleven year old penis in all its glory with some hair I was quite proud of. She pulled back my fore skin and looked up in to my face and said “goot”. We exchanged names and then she said her first name and my last name. With the paperclip on my finger and my last name she was hitched in her mind and getting more comfortable by the minute. I was all boy and waiting for sex. She looked up at me and stroked my face and whispered in my ear and lay on the bed in front of me. Holding my hand she placed it in her breast. I did my best to caress her and she took my hand to show me how. I was still standing and she sat up looked around suddenly saw a calender and counted a few days back to the present day then lay down. I looked at the calendar and then at her and back to the calender. She got up and took the calendar and made a big x a couple weeks back and numbered to 13 and then made 4 question marks we were on the second question mark “Very goot” she said. Must be astrology I thought my one friend was in to that.She lay back down and I rubbed her breast some more. She seeing my green horn way of not progressing sat up by the head board and opened her knees. she waved me to come close and look and with all her jabbering showed me all her visible parts. She made me touch everything. Finally she pointed my finger and placed it in her cherry. It was evident she was a virgin cause there wasn’t even a big enough place for one finger. She held her breath and pushed my finger in real slow. I could tell it hurt some and she pulled it out slow. She let out her air I could see blood on my finger and I looked and a finger size hole was now there forever. I grabbed a tissue and wiped my finger off. she slid down and I knew what that means. So I got in position and she nodded well it was tight but she was easily torn and I was deep as any eleven year old ever was. I wasn’t scared or overwhelmed and she went nuts like this was going to be her only time. She was real wet and so warm inside. For a first time it was unbelievability good. I had masturbated only twenty minutes before she came in the door so I really lasted for some time considering it was my first. When I felt the urge to cum she held my hips in tight and I unloaded in her. As soon as I did some one knocked at the door. She kissed me long and a little hard and wrapped her legs around me. The person finally left and she kept my limp penis in her for twenty minutes stroking and kissing my face. I got hard once more while still in her and we went at it real slow and nice. But I didn’t cum. I pulled out all covered in blood and I wiped her as she lay there with a smile on her face. She jumped up kissed me and ran out the door with her syrup.
She didn’t pay. The Next day as I was collecting buckets from the trees and she ran to me pulled up short and took off her bonnet kissed me and put back on and ran off. Later that day she ran in the sugar shack locked the door giggled and we were making love and I gave her my best load cause I did not masturbate. Well this went on for three more days then my mother got better. We met often in the woods but only talked as her brothers were around. She had been studying english because she saw me in a couple days and there was no mistaking what she said. Do you like the name Zoe my Mothers name is Zoe? Yes I like the name. She put my hand on her belly, if its a girl its to be called Zoe. It was and She got what she wanted a baby to raise and a husband to raise. I lived with the Amish till I was 25 then we left with our 6 children. I had all six children before I was 18. I’m an old guy 51 at this story and My oldest daughter is 12 years younger than me , and has 8 children of her own, I have 17 grand children in all.
Behind closed doors the Amish girls really rock.

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