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Where it happened: In the garden
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Category: Straight

The first guy I had sex with was the boy next door. He 8 and I have a crush on him for a while but he always treated me like a little girl. One day I saw him in the garden behind his house so I walked in and offered him a helping hand. He told me to watered the plant with garden hose while he was doing some planting. I started to play around and sprayed him with garden hose, he laugh and we began to fight for the garden hose until we both were soaking wet. My soaking summer dress was clinging to my body revealing my young breast and nipples coz I didn’t have any bras on. He then stoped and looked at me so I moved closer and kiss him on his mouth. He pulled out and asked that I was sure about this. Instead of answer him I wrapped my arms around his neck, smile, and kiss him again. He kissed me back and dart his tongue into my mouth which make me trumble then he laid me down on soft grass and suck my nipple through the thin fabric of my soaking dress and play with the other with his hand which took my breath away. He reach under my soaking dress and pull my tiny panty off then hike my dress up to my waist. My whole body was shuddering as his rough finger massaging on my young bald pussy then slip in between my pussy lips, stroking my clit and inside my slit until it soaking wet with my juice. Then he kneel down between my legs and spread them out wide, as he was sitting up, he pulled my legs up to him and hung them on his shoulder with my ass on his chest and my pussy inch away from his mouth, turning me almost upside down. His hands grabbed my hips and he started to lick my young pussy with his tongue. I scream out as his tongue slash along my slit then I felt his tognue dart deep into my vagina, he fucked my young vagina with his tongue until my first orgasm hit me. He laid me down again and took off his short, his cock then spung out to life. He kneel down between my open legs, grabbed both my thigh with his strong hand and pulled me to him. He rubbed his cockhead up and down in my slippery slit, coating his cockhead with my wetness which make me moan out uncontrolably. Then I could felt his cockhead press into my vagina, his hands then grabbed my thigh and pulled my body to him as his thich cock sliding in me slowly inch by inch. I let out a long scream as his cock streching and making it way deeper into my young vagina, it was pain and pleasure at the same time as his cock broke my hymem and kept on going until it sink all the way in. He let me catch my breath for a secong before pulled my slim body up and straddle him with his cock deep inside me. He pulled the top of my dress down exposing my well form breasts then lean in and started licking and sucking on my nipples as his hands grabbed my butt and moved me up and down slipping his cock in and out of my vagina. It was so much pleasire that I had to let out a short moan on every stroke of our move. I grabbed tight on his massive shoulder and began to move by myself. I moved up taking his cock out almost all the way then slam my body down slipping his cock back deep into me. My nipple was passing up and down on his tongue as my breast bounce with the movement of my body. I started to slam my young tight vagina harder and faster on his cock, I heard him moaning louder and louder as his climax approaching. He was telling me he was about to cum but my ears was ringing and I started to get lightheaded as my orgasm reach its peak. I couldn’t hear him anymore as I scream and slammed down on his cock, my young body spasm hard. I felt his cock pulse deep in my vagina and then his thick hot cum splash deep in me as my vagina squeezed hard on his cum shooting cock. We held each other tight as my vagina pulsating away and his cock shot big load of hot cum four or five more time. We stayed like that until his cock went limp and pulled out. I learn to do a blow job and swollow his cum while waiting for my dress to dry in a dryer.

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