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Strip Poker First Time

Where it happened: my basement
Langauge: English
Rating: 10
Category: Straight

My name is John. When I I was going out with a girl named Annie. We went out a few times, but that was about it. My parents were away for the weekend, so that Saturday night Annie and I were in the basement playroom with my cousin Frank and his girlfriend Sue. They were both about
seventeen. We were all playing cards, drinking beer and getting pretty loose, when Frank suggested that we switch the game to strip poker. Annie was a little chicken, but Frank said that we would play “couples style”…that is,
the couples would be against each other and would suffer the consequences together. Annie thought that at least she wouldn’t be alone….that I would have to go along with whatever happened too. OK, so we start. First, we lose, so off come our shoes. Then Frank and Sue lose so they lose their shoes. From that point on, it was all downhill for poor Annie and me! I think the cards were marked or something, because things started to happen in rapid order. Annie and I lost again, which meant the shirts came off. Mine came right off, but of course with Annie it was a different story. She slowly unbuttoned her shirt and paused for a moment. “OK, here goes!” she giggled, and took it off to reveal a skimpy little white bra. Next, you guessed it! Annie and I lost again. Avoiding our pants for now, we went for the socks. I pulled mine off, and Annie giggled at the sight of my wiggling toes. “What are you laughing at? Your turn!” I replied. Annie removed her little white socks revealing the cutest little feet you ever saw. “Oh, man, look at my chipped nail polish. I knew I should have painted my toes today! Bletch! I hope my feet don’t smell!” she laughed. Then we lost again. “OK, drop ’em, cuz” said Frank with Sue cheering me on. I stood up and dropped my jeans and stepped out of them kicking them aside. Annie’s eyes widened as I stood in briefs (with an obvious bulge!) and t-shirt. “OK, honey, you too” said Sue to Annie. “I am like REALLY getting embarrassed now!” said Annie, dropping her jeans to reveal a small pair of white panties. Yes, you guessed it! Annie and I lost again. I had to strip off my t-shirt, which was no big deal, but Annie….! Annie had to remove her bra!
Now, I had never even seen Annie in a bathing suit, so my heart was pounding like crazy! In a very fast move, she removed her bra, threw it aside, and covered up her breasts. “God, we better not lose again!” Annie warned me.
“You know, traditionally the winners get to remove the losers’ last articles of clothing. Standing up. Hands above heads!” Annie and I turned white! “oh c’mon, Frank…” I started. “Sorry. Thems the rules” said Sue.
Naturally, when we lost the final hand, I couldn’t believe it, and Annie nearly died! “Stand up you two” said Sue.
Annie was in panties, still covering her breasts, and I was in my briefs with the bulge getting bigger every !
“Stand side by side” said Frank. Frank uncrossed Annie’s arms from her breasts and raised them above her head, revealing beautiful petite breasts with tiny hard nipples. Annie started to blush. “OK, you first Johnny” said Sue as she put my hands above my head and dug a fingernail under the elastic wasteband of my briefs, pulling one side down revealing my hip. Then the other side and the other hip. Annie’s eyes were wide as saucers! “OK, boy, let’s see what you got!” said Sue as she pulled by briefs down and off. My balls and erect cock sprang out at attention which made Annie squeal! “What do you think, Annie?” laughed Sue. “It’s….like….so WEIRD looking!” Annie nervously giggled. “OK, you’re next” said Frank as he peeled off Annie’s panties, revealing a tiny pussy with light wisps of public hair. Annie was beet read! “What do you think, cuz?” Frank asked. I gave a wolf whistle, and everyone—including Annie–laughed. “Let’s get a picture” said Sue. Annie and I were agast. “No No No Anything but that!” we both replied in unison. “OK, I’m going to flip a coin…..heads we get a picture. Tails, you guys fuck right here!” said Frank. Annie and I looked at each other. “You mean, like….go all the way..right in front of you guys?” Annie asked with a quaking voice. “Yep. Here we go. Call it”. “Heads” I said. Frank looked at the coin “Tails!” he replied while Sue screamed “yes! yes! yes!
come on you virgins, let’s get it on!” My blood was boiling inside, and Annie looked pretty ready, too. Just then, my older brother Andy (about 20) came downstairs with his girlfriend, who looked like a hooker! “Whooo hooo what’s this? A nudist camp?” he asked while Annie and I covered up with blankets from the couch. “They lost the coin toss at S.P.” Frank replied. “Ohh, so they gotta fuck, right?” asked Andy. “Yah, but…you know…they’re virgins and a little embarrassed” replied Sue. “Well, honey” Andy said as he looked at his date, “shall we show them how?”. “I’m game, sugar!” she replied, and with that Annie and I stood open mouthed while my brother and his girlfriend stripped down! Andy yanked off his shoes, shirt, socks, pants, t-shirt and briefs, revealing the biggest cock I’d ever seen! Annie’s eyes were bugging out, and even the experienced Sue observed out loud “Andy, what a big COCK!”. Andy’s date stripped off her high heels, blouse, skirt, fishnet stockings, bra, panties and g-string!. My cock was stretched beyond belief, and Annie’s eyes kept shifting between my cock and Andy’s. Andy’s girlfriend put her hand on her hip and struck a pose. Her tits were gigantic with cone-like, pointy nipples, she had a flat tummy, a bushy cunt, and creamy white legs and feet with fire-engine red toenails. “Let’s show these kids how it’s done!” Andy yelled, and with that his girlfriend was on the floor, legs spread, feet pointed upward, as Andy drove his huge shaft right into her cunt DEEP DEEP DEEP in one motion! I thought Annie was going to faint! All the way out and all the way in! Over and over and over again. Andy’s girlfriend kept chanting “oh baby baby baby”. I looked at Annie. We removed out blankets, spread them out, and got down on the floor. “Don’t hurt me” whispered Annie, and I spread her legs and drove my shaft into her tiny, tight cunt, working it in and out and in and out. “oh….Oh….OHHHH” Annie cried. Then some blood.
“yes Yes YES!!” Annie chanted over and over. In the middle of all of this, I notice Frank and Sue wipping THEIR clothes off! Sue gets down to her socks, bra and panties and leaves the room for a minute. She returns and screams “let’s get naked!!!!” and off come her socks, her bra is thrown off and her panties are pulled down and off. “Taa Daaa!” she yells. A now naked Frank pushes her down on the couch and we hear nothing but moans for the next half-hour! I finally came, Annie shook like crazy and screamed “whoa, I’m getting OFF!!” and when I looked up
Andy had finished his girlfriend in the front, was turning her over, spreading her butt cheeks, and ramming her in the ass! It was a god damned fuck-a-thon! Annie and I went upstairs to my room and slept together, doing it a couple of more times before dawn. Holy shit, what a night!

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