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Strip poker

Age when it happend: 16
Where it happened: In my teachers house
Langauge: English
Sex: Female
Rating: 8
Category: Straight

It was about 4:30pm and I went over to my teachers
house for a little help in Biology. Needless to say that she
taught me alot about my Biology!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! She
was in the middle of tuttoring me and she had to go to the
washroom, so i was looking for the kitchen to spit my gum in
the garbage as i open the door to what i thought was the
kitchen. To my surprise i walked into her bedroom where she
lay there in her underwear changing her pant. She was
shocked and screamed and I ran out apoligizing. She came out
and told me that it was all right and to forget about it. So
on we went studying. All of a suddenShe sliped her hand into
my pants andstarted playing with my dick. I moved back and
she said”no please just let me”. So i said “okay”. One thing
led to another and we end up on the bed with her tickling my
balls and her forehead on my belt buckle . Then all at once
I let go my my full fury in her mouth needless to say it was
Quite big. Then she striped me down and started to stratle
my dick. She rode me like an Italian stalion for hours on
end. It was nearing 6 pm so i unleashed my second fury in a
rage of muscle spazums. This was the closest i have ever got
to a teacher

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