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My first Blowjob

Sex = Female
Where it happened = Walt Disney World in Florida
Language = English
Refnum = 9838

Last year, I was at Walt Disney World with my family. My dad allowed me and my sister to go off by ourselfs. My sister and I walked around for about an hour then we met this dude named Matt. He was from New York. He was very cute. He was about 6'0" 165-170 and he had the most awsomest baby blue eyes. He was walking around by himself cause his parents didn't wanna go to the parks. I asked him if he wanted to walk around with my sister and I and he agreed. My sister became very annoying so we dicthed her. Me and him walked around for about 30 minutes. We went on this really really slow boring ride. We started to make out and I slowly kissed down his chest til i reached his junk. (dick) I sucked it and licked it and thats was my frist time giving a blow job

My first Blowjob

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