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Bad girls

Sex = Male
Where it happened = Party
Language = English
Refnum = 9806
Well to tell u my friend and I each fuck 1 girl at once in a party. I my friend and I were at a party and we saw the 2 girls with the nicest tits we ever seen. After everyone left we went over to them and ask if they wanted to dance and they said yes. We dance for a while then I started to rub my leg against her's and I knew she was horny so I said, "want to go un to my room and watch T.V.?" she said yes and we went to my room and watch T.V. for a while and she got so horny that she couldn't stand it any more and she threw me against the bed and stared to take off her cloths and I unzip my pants and she took my cock and started to suck it. The rest I'm not going to tell u but I'll tell u that we did it for 3 hours then we heard something and went to check it out and we saw my friend fucking the Steph (the other girl). then we both went home and I fuck Nicole (the girl I fucked) 15 times before she move to another state.

Bad girls

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