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Nice and Slow...

Sex = Female
Where it happened = In a Park...
Language = English
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It was March 15th (my b-day), my boyfriend came over to celebrate the 9 months we had been together. Being such a sweety pie he made us supper, and then we went outside for a walk...It was dark, and sort of cold, so we sat down on a bench in a park and cuddled up. We started kissing, and he started feeling me off...and then fingered me. He took off my clothes (even though it was cold) and I took off his, and he sucked on my clit, and licked my juices for a while... and well I guess you figured it out, we made passionate love untill he came in me....and by the end, I wasn't cold anymore, I was looking... (and he told me so) :O)

Nice and Slow...

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