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Sex = Female
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Language = English
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Well Jim and I had been dating for almost a year and were getting very
advanced in our petting like naked and doing everything but
penetration when one afternoon we were making out real hot with my
my eyes closed when I felt Jims cock penetrating my vagina.
At first it hurt a bit but I was so excited I didnt care and
then he was all the way in me and we fucked until he came in
me. I didnt have an orgasm that first time but after that it
got better every time and the next time we fucked I did have
an orgasm.
The 4th of July weekend I slept over with Jim and we loved
again and again like mabey six or seven times, I'm not certain
but it was very good.
I wasnt concerned about catching something from Jim because
that first time we were both virgin but Jim didn't use protection.
Jim is very much in love with me and somehow using condoms just
seemed like a way to cheapen our relationship. Jim used them
a few times at first but neither of us liked the way they felt
so we just let our love happpen. As far as I can tell right now
am eight weeks pregnant with Jims baby and we plan to get
married soon. Love is great and I have no regrets.


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