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mother in law

Sex = Male
Where it happened = home
Language = English
Refnum = 8812
I like womans cloths so one night after my wife went to night school I decided to dress in her cloths
I was laying there in slip and panties just rubbing myself when who should walk in on me but my mother in law.
All she said was well thats nice,turned around and left.
Two weeks went by and I get a phone call from her saying she would like me to come over to the house and be there.
When I got to the house there she sits with my sister in law
who said see that bag over in the corner take a look, in it were a slip, panties, pantiehose and makeup. She says here put these on I said no I just cant.
Put them or I will tell your wife, what could I do,So started a six months long of dressing up and keeping the two girls happy,playing withem preforming oral sex and whatever else they wanted after six months it just stoped

mother in law

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