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blow me

Sex = Male
Where it happened = friends home
Language = English
Refnum = 8794
I went to my friend roby's house his mom opened the door and siad go to robies room he's in there. when I went in he was masterbating on the side of the bed. He got scared and said"you know you do it to!" I laught and heturned around and he had a 8'cock i just kept looking and he siad to wack him off . so i did. and he riped my pants off and sucked my dick slow and easy I cumed in his face and then we remember to lock the door "that was close"! after i lock it roby was laying with his legs spreaded and baby oil in his hand and siad to oil his anal i put some on my dick and on his anal and i began to fuck him . I was tighter then my girlfriends pussy! I felt my dick pumping and i cummed in him it felt so good but later i regreted it and told him i'm not like that and he siad that's cool me either! and that night I fucked my girlfriend and it felt way better!

blow me

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