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Tit-Fuck City

Sex = Male
Where it happened = Park bathroom stall
Language = English
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I was playing frisby with my dog at the park one day in the month of July. The weather was kinda hot and there were a lot of people sunning themselves and enjoying the weather. I threw my frisby around and my dog Jake would chase it and bring it back to me. Well by a bad throw by me, my frisby ended up landing by a very attractive girl, she looked to be about 18 or so. She was laying on a colorful beach towel and wearing a satin blue bikini that really showed off her nice assets. She looked very sexy laying there, she was on her back, with her legs laying flat on the towel, her two big breasts looked like they were pancaked against her chest.
I walked up and grabbed the frisby and she looked up from where she was laying and said, "Hey, nice dog."
I smiled and then kneeled down to talk to her, "Thanks, I've had him ever since he was a puppy."
She lowered her sunglasses and smiled, "So you know you could have hurt me with that frisby ya know?"
I scratched my head a little then replied, "Sorry,"
She laughed a little, then lifted her self up and propped herself up on her elbows, her big breasts heaved as she moved. I couldnt take my eyes off of her big tits and she saw me looking too.
"So, do you like what you see?" she asked.
I was caught, and she didn't look the least bit mad. I smiled and said, "Yeah, they are nice, the best I've ever seen."
She moved and layed on her side and she reached out and touched my arm then said, "Really, thank you, whats your name?"
I sat back an said, "I'm Bill, whats your name?"
"Nice to meet you Bill, you are very cute," she said as I stared even closer at her tight clevage.
"Oh by the way Bill, I'm Monique and I'm from your high school, you just never say hi or anything, I'm a senior, and in case you are wondering, they are 36D."
I was shocked that she told me that, I was in heaven, I always liked girls that had big tits and had dreamed many a time about having sex with a busty girl. I would definately have to get this girls phone number and see if she would go out with me.
"Billy, lets go for a walk," she said as she stood up. When she did her big tits shook and bounced.
We walked over to one set of bathrooms and she told me to follow her in, I said I couldnt but she grabbed me by the arm and dragged me in. The bathroom was empty, most of the people were using the one by the lake anyways, this one was used by the hikers that hiked the trails.
"What are you doing Monique, I'm a guy in a girls bathroom?"
She put a finer up to her mouth to show me silence and she opened the last stall and motioned me in. I followed her in and she locked the door behind us. The stall was a big handicapped stall and she pushed me up against the wall and grabbed me in my crotch.
She smiled and said, "I saw how your friend her reacted to the sight of my body, and I want to taste him."
I didn't fight it, she kissed me deeply on the mouth, her tongue danced with mine as her hand massaged my rock hard cock. I reached up and grabbed a hold of that hot tit flesh and squeezed it in my hands, it felt so firm and delicious. I undid her bikini top and it fell to the floor. She leaned back and let me rub and play with her two big tits. I squeezed em and fondled em and pinched her erect nipples. She moaned as I did so and she reached into my shorts and started to play with my cock.
She pulled down my shorts and my cock sprang free and she sat down on the toilet and started to rub it and stroke it. I leaned back and she stroked it back and fourth, then finally licked my head with the tip of her tongue lathering it all up. I moaned in delight as she then licked from the base of my cock to the tip, moving her tongue back and fourth and around the whole shaft of my cock. Monique was a master with oral sex, at least from what I could tell. Monique then shoved my whole cock into her mouth and started pumping it in and out, nibbling oh so softly as it entered her velvety lips. I watched as my shaft would appear and dissapear in and out of her sweet mouth, her ruby red lips sliding down my shaft like it was a lollipop.
She was sucking me hard and stroking my hard cock and it felt so good, I couldn't help it anymore and I leaned her back against the toilet seat. I moved down and buried my head between her big tits and sucked and kissed them all over. I licked and sucked her hard nipples and then nibbled them oh so good, she was running her hands through my hair as I did this. She was stroking my hard cock as I sucked and played with her tits when she said the words that I love to hear, "Bill, fuck my tits."
Without hesitation, I straddled her chest and layed my hard cock right in the valley between her big tits and she squeezed them around my cock. I reached down and started pinching her nipples as I moved my cock back and forth between her silky soft tits. I never felt this good a sensation before, fucking her tits felt like heaven. As my shaft rubbed between her mounds, the tip poked out from her clevage and she licked the tip and lathered it up for the next stroke. I pumped her tits like there was no tommorow, she massaged her tits around my cock like two sponges washing a pole. Our sweat was plenty of lubrication as I tit fucked her for minutes.
I removed my dick from the valley between her tits and rubbed the head of my cock all over her nipples then rubbed it all over her breast flesh, she then scooped it up and licked and sucked it again, then stood up and sat me down on the toilet. She then moved between my legs and cupped her two big globes and wrapped them around my shaft and moved them up and down, now she was tit fucking me. I loved the feel of it, two D cup titties were fucking my shaft and I loved to see my cock moving in and out between em.
"Oh Bill, I love to tit fuck, do you like fucking my tits?" she asked as she lowered her head to lick the tip of my cock.
I grunted in approval as she quickened her pace, I was pumping up to meet her downward strokes. Monique leaned back and let loose of her big tits and said, "Bill I want to fuck that hot cock!"
Quickly she impaled her hot snatch on my stiff cock and rode me like a bronco. I watched as her big juggs bounced up and down and I caught them and squeezed them hard as she fucked me good. I managed to lean forward and lick them and kiss them as Monique impaled her wet cunt onto my hard pole. I stood up with her and pressed her back against the wall and pumped deep into her. I couldn't take much more of this, my first time was becoming the hottest ever. I soon felt my cum building up in my balls and I withdrew and Monique bent down onto her knees, "Cum all over my big tits!"
I obliged and shot a nice thick load all over her big juggs, landing on her nipples and neck. I rubbed the cum in with the head of my cock and she squeezed her big cum coated tits around my softening dick, she looked up at me and said, "Thank you Bill, I loved that."
I smiled then said, "Thanks Monique, you are a godess."

Tit-Fuck City

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