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Sex = Male
Where it happened = i cant remember
Language = English
Refnum = 8337
I had a crush on this incredibly hot girl for a while, so one day i asked to go out with me.
We went back to my place afterwords, and she started hugging, and kissing me. so i
said "forget that, i wanna fuck the shit out of you". so i pulled down my pants, and i
showed he my 12 inch dick. she gave a moan of susrise and joy when she saw it. so i was like
"yeah, you better scream bitch" and i grabbed her. at first she didnt know what to do, but then
i started ripping her clothes off, so she got the idea. she wanted to suck it, but i forced her
to turn around, i sat her on my cock, and i started humping her like a bitch. she was moaning and
screaming pretty badly, so i started feeling sorry for her, because i was hurting her so much.
but instead of slowing down, i sped up, and even started rubbing her firm breasts. after a while,
i finally came, and she came seconds later.
it was faaaaaantastic


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