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parents in front

Sex = Male
Where it happened = in the back seat
Language = English
Refnum = 866
Well, you probably won't beleive me, but i dont really give a shit..
me and this girl named brianne were going out for about a month when she
took me to great america, with her little brother and her mother and father.
well at the park, we went off on our own, and i felt her up for a long time.
we wnt on these cars that were on a track, and crashed into people....
it was great... by the time we all were tired and ready to leave it was dark.
on the way home (her mom driving a large van) we were in the back seat, her brother
asleep in the seat ahead of us and her mom and dad in the front.she put her head on my lap and started rubbing
me through my pants, i thought she wanted my pants undone, so
i unzipped them, and she pulled out my dick... she started
carressing it and stroking it with her soft hands... so i pushed her
head down and she started sucking it... after about a half hour i came in her
mouth, she spit it out in a kleenex and said it was salty, i said "sorry" and i put my hand down her pants and fingered]
her until she orgasmed.. i licked my finger, because it smelt kindof funny...
then we went to macdonalds and ate and i washed my hands, but i rubbed her all the way home....
i dont give a shit if you dont beleive me, but i can swear on a stack of bibles, or a stack of 100 dollar bills that
it is truth....

parents in front

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