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My First Time (ass and pussy)

Sex = Female
Where it happened = my Job's restroom
Language = English
Refnum = 831
I used to work for McDonalds at night as a drive-thru cashier
I started to work that shift because that was the only shift my
friend and manager(Jim)had available, well so I was working that
night and it happened that I was not supposed to work that day due
to some mistakes management made in the schedule. Since I lived very
far from my house, I decided to stay inside the store, ( the store
closes its doors to the public after 10:00pm. my manager was leaving
that night to get some snacks, he saw me and told me If i could help
him clean the restrooms. So I went to help him out, while I was bending
down to get some cleaning towel, he started to touch my butt
and told me if i was willing to get some overtime. I was scaredat first,
but my pussy was starting to give signs of hormone disorders,
so I gave it a try, I took off my pants and let go.
he went to get some butter from the front counter used for the hot cakes
so he used his long fingers and lube my pussy and my butt at the same time.
I got a TURN ON so bad, that I almost fuck him first.
he started very slow, and gentle, in the middle of the fun, he put his dick
in my ass. It hurted a lot at first, but I got to tell you
to be the first time ....... ((( sight.....)))

My First Time (ass and pussy)

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