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Big Ass and Tits

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Where it happened = Neighbor's House
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When I was in high school, I used to run errands for people to earn money. One of my mom's friends, Mrs. C., was a customer. Usually, she asked me to buy stuff at the store with her credit card. She must have been about 35 or 40 when I ran errands for her. I'd bring the stuff to her house when she was home from work. I really liked her because she was friendly and usually gave me something to eat and drink. She also had a really great pair of tits and she wore low cut blouses a lot. I could never really look at her there cuz she was always looking at me but at night, I used to imagine burying my face in her tits and I'd get a raging hard on. Well, one time, she asked me to get groceries and deliver them at 5. When I got to her house, the back door was open so I hauled her stuff in. She was out on the patio, sunning herself. She was wearing a bikini. Man, I got hard in a flash. I hid behind the curtains and spied on her and before I could stop myself, I had my dick out and was jerking off. I must have closed my eyes and not heard her come in but the next thing I knew, I could feel a warmth on my dick. When I looked down, she was kneeling there and blowing soft puffs of air on me. She had the naughtiest look in her eyes. "What were you looking at out there?" I couldn't say anything. She rubbed the head of my dick on her tits and I unfortunately ejaculated all over her. I was pretty embarassed but she laughed and said I was cute. She said I was really hot and would someday make a lot of girls wet in the right place. I didn't knkow what to say. She said "What's the one thing you'd like to do the most to me?" And so of course, I pointed at her big tits and make licking motions with my tongue. She peeled her bikini top off and her tits were right there! They were beautiful! Nice and round and heavy looking. She just stood there. "Go ahead," she said. I couldn't believe it! I reached for both of her tits and my hands were shaking something awful. I pulled her closer to me and that'swhen I realized what a great ass she had, too. I started sucking her nipples, keeping one hand on her ass. I slipped it inside her bikini bottom and stuck a finger up her ass hole. She threw her head back and had her eyes closed and was moaning like crazy. I was afraid her husband would come home and catch us. But I couldn't let go of her tits. I kept sucking and licking them and playing with them. They were incredible in my hands and mouth. Her nipples were hard and really big. Finally, she got down on the floor and said I could fuck her tits. What a day! I kneeled over her and wrapped my swollen dick in her firm tits and started pushing my hips back and forth. Her tits were lubed with suntan lotion so it was easy. I came on her tits and face again. I felt weak and tired but didn't want a good thing to end yet so I asked could I eat her pussy. She pulled down her panties and I pushed her legs apart and licked her slit. She tasted so good and the smell of sun tan lotion made me horny. I sucked her clit and stuck my tongue instide her hole. She had a lot of juices going and they tasted great. I would stop and suck them up and then lick her clit again. She was going out of her mind, bucking up and down and grabbing my head and pushing it into her pussy. I loved it. I stuck a couple of fingers up her pussy, too and this made her really excited. She kept screaming my name and asking me to fuck her but I didn't have a condom so I just kept licking her and sucking her. When she started to orgasm,she wrapped her legs around my head. I kissed her clit and that drove her over the top. We fell asleep like that on the floor, me resting my face on her pussy. It's a good thing her husband worked late that night.
We get together once in a while still, even though I don't do errands anymore. I can never have enough of her tits and ass. We've never straight fucked but we come up with all kinds of ways to get each other off.
She's come over to visit my parents a couple of times and when she can, she sneaks up to my room and gives me a blow job. Sometimes, she goes to the bathroom and I knock when she's in there and she lets me in so I can suck on her tits. I could eat her tits for days. She's so hot!

Big Ass and Tits

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