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horney babe

Sex = Female
Where it happened = my bedroom
Language = English
Refnum = 7650
my guy and i had been going out for a while like 8 months
the farthest we had ever gone was he fingered me. one day
after school he came by. normally my mom would be at work
but today she had left for a business trip. well we were
watching a movie and it started getting hot and heavy so we
were making out on the couch and he started fingering me.
he asked if i wanted to further i said yes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
by then he was by then sucking my tits. i had a very short
skirt on so he had already taken my panties off while
fingering me then slowly he took my skirt off. then licked
my pussy for a while. then he got down to his boxers while
he was laying on top of me i felt his hard dick. then i
took off his boxers and spread my legs he asked if i was
sure. it hurt like hell but it was the best hurt of my life.

horney babe

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