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Slutty Whore

Sex = Female
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Well here is my first time story.

I had recently moved to live with my father after my mother and step father
kicked me out of their house for disrespecting them. I was happy to go live
with my father because I knew I would get to do what I wanted.

Well, he worked at this neighborhood grocery store, so I would go there
every day to get free stuff. One day I met this girl Julie who was 16, from the start I
thought she was hot. She was blonde, blue eyes, big tits, and nice ass. I started
talking with her every day after school by the store. We went to different high schools
so we only saw each other in the afternoons and weekends.

I never asked her to be my girlfriend but we were together evry day. One day
we were walking by a creek on the way to my dads apartment. This was a short cut!
On the way there she almost fell, and I grabbed her. When I did I ended up with my arms around her
soft breasts. THis was an immediate woody for me. My dick was hard in an instant.

Well she blushed and we sat down next to a tree hidden from view. You see Julie I later found out was experienced.
Her uncle had fucked her for 3 years since she was 12. I was scared because she started to french kiss me and tell me she wanted to fuck
my brains out.

She asked me if I had ever fucked before and I said yes although I had only played with myself before.
When she told me she wanted me, I saw the opportunity to loose my virrginity.
She took my poants down and started sucking on my uncut dick. She said she had never tasted Spanich dick before.
I was speechless. I slowly toook my hand and my finger down to her crotch which she really
like. She stopped sucking and started making weird sound which I had only heard in XXX movies beforfe.

Everything was happening so fast that I thought I was going to come too
but we had not done a thing. I was so scared someone like her younger brother would find us and tell.

Well I finally took her shorts down and she spread (again her experience) She told me to just put it in because
it would not hurt anymore. I was so hard that I did not even feel when it when in. All I know is that she
started saying all of these things. I pumped hard against her pussy lips like an Italian Stallion.
After about 3 minutes of fucking I blew my load and she held me tight. She told me to come inside of her, that
It was ok. She later told me that the doctorrs told her mom that she
could never have kids after her uncle fucked up her insides.

Well after that, we fucked atleast once a week until they moved out of town to another state

Slutty Whore

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