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Sex = Male
Where it happened = At a friend's party
Language = English
Refnum = 7172

I was at a friend's party, relaxing in a quiet room, when a
girl I knew called Debbie came up to me. She asked to give
her a hand upstairs and so I went with her to the spare
room. There, she told me she knew the way I felt about her,
and she felt the same. So we both stripped off, and for a
moment stared at each other. Then, she knelt down and took
my cock in her mouth and I shoot her. She then made me turn
her over and penetrate her arse. She was clearly in pain,
but made me keep going for a quarter of an hour. Then she
rammed her dick up my arse. It hurt like hell, but I knew
I wanted her and that the first time always hurts theworst.

We stayed in bed for over an hour, and then got dressed and
went back downstairs to the party. After about ten minutes,
we left together and went to her place and did it even more.

We've been together for four months now, but this is the
first time I've ever spoken about her true self. I love her
for who she is and we hope to stay together for all our


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