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hot and horny

Sex = Female
Where it happened = My parents bed
Language = English
Refnum = 7163
I had only met this guy twice, well call him Bob. But anyway the first time i met him it was instant electricity between the both of us. We did everything but fuck that night because unfortunately there was no condoms to be found. But the second time came around ( he lives in Tennesee and i live in VA) and my parents were, unfortunately home. For some reason or another they were sleeping in my bed so i quietly led him up to my parents bed and we began to have erotic foreplay his tongue caressing my clit and me jacking him off so hard my hand was beginning to hurt. We conveniently had whipped cream in the house so that played a fun little part in our foreplay. I was prepared with condoms this time , so i slipped it on his hard cock and he entered me, I was a virgin but fortunately i didnt bleed. He started out slow and then began going harder. I felt him pulsing inside of me, it felt so good that i told him to go harder. He went harder and i loved it i told him that i was going to cum and he said he was too. We had a lovely climax together and then we rested beside each other for awhile. He left and i have not seen him since. But damn was it good!! I still get wet thinkin about it

hot and horny

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